Wednesday, November 19, 2008


November 17th 2008
i was meeting up with some old fellas at Melly's
and believe me,
it was one heck of a night.
i am so glad that i came...
November 19th 2008
i met my TAZ at HK kafe
Ruth, Icha, Fina
FINAAAAA is here!!!!
we rode back to the old days
in meaning of went back to school and saw how things
hasnt really changed
but it changed so bad at the same time.
viva forever.
i'll be waiting.
Like the sun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

KATEDRAL MESIAS Sept.20th 2008

after 16 years
Katedral Mesias MegaChurch
is officially open!
Designed by the preacher him self
Pdt.dr. Stephen Tong
Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Church

Saturday, September 6, 2008 far so good :p

kinda had a breakdown a few weeks ago
(yep thats me!)
happy and depressed
and happy then
but im fine.
i told one of my buddy
'i'll be ooookkaaayyy'
and i am now.
especially how tristan is being so cute lately.
he understands me alot.
even if i might be a bit demanding.
like i really want the attentions.
but he understands :p
love him so!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


im 25 now y'all!!!
i used to sing vitamin c's song (graduation)
'...when we're gonna be when we turn 25, i keep, keep thinking that it'd never changed...'
turns out its true.
nothing really changed.
well despite that i dont have to go to school anymore
i've done my Uni time
and now working and living my childhood dreams!
everything that im doing now is everything that i really wanted to be.
so i thank God for all of this.
11 agustus 2008
Turns out geng ringgo gave me a surprise!!!
i was already at o channel about to shoot O clipwhen they arrived with cake, balloons and the geng was there.
Yani, Roro, Ringgo, Dennis, Nadia, plus O channel crew (yg kerjasama sama mreka).
i cried!!!hahaha...i was surprisedly happy though!!!*

and there goes the party on the 13th
thanks Yani for the pics!
it was at tomodachi bellagio

and the the day after my birthday
is Ringgo's 26th.
so we gave him a surprise allright!!!
love ya all peeps!
on the 12th of august
my friend's body (Grady) was released to his parents.
saw the funeral all over the news
and i was pretty upset that i cant be there.
it was held in Surabaya.
RIP Grady
we'll miss you.

me and grady back in 2007

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The ironic victim of the butcher from Jombang...RIP Grady.


with him @ karantina.
(below) malam final with dion, ben, grady, nino.
gue dapet sms dari Dion tgl 1 agt pagi.
"Cher lo udah liat foto korban-korbannya ryan blum?
kok salah satunya mirip Grady?
itu beneran nggak sih?"
dan gue yang telat bangun n buru-buru mandi cuma mikir
'hah? ini becandaan dia lagi ato apa sih?'
tapi nggak sampe 2 menit Franda nelfon gue dengan suara panik
dan bilang kalo nanti sore di obsesi dia bakal ngebahas soal Grady.
then it was confirmed.
gue merinding setengah mati.
shocked juga.
emang desember taun lalu gue nerima sms yg bilang dia meninggal
tapi kata keluargannya ngga bener.
jadi kita semua cuek aja...
biarpun we couldnt find him anywhere sejak itu.
my phone wouldnt stop ringing since.
just so u know,
i dont know if he was gay or not.
i didnt think he was.
coz that question is pretty uncomfortable for me to answer.
dia selalu kepingin jadi terkenal.
and he kinda is now
in an odd way.
RIP Grady Adam.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

O channel's 4th bday !!!

it was at FX's meeting room :)

looks pretty classy hey?

we'll bring you the best rating y'all

O clip special's birthday edition.
we were shooting at FX and Molen had to slide on that
atmosfear thingy coz i freaked out haha
its 7 stories high!!!
anyway we managed,
i mean,
Icha managed to take great pics
thanx for the pics anyway ya Cha!
happy bday O Channel!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


i havent been having great news
thats why i havent been updating much.
you know i hate updating bad news...
in which either i have bad news or just plain boring news
i chatted with Fina last night
and she told me she's coming back here for good
on november 9th!
and Inge called me today that she's coming back
here for good NEXT WEEK!!!
we had this conference call with nova as well.
and Fina, Inge n I might gonna go to US april 2009.
can you believe that?
two great news in a row!!
my gurlsss are reuniting!!!
this is awesome!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

so i went to Oka's wedding.
with Tristan and met all the other gang.
man i once thought it's gonna be the wedding that will scared the shit outta me.
turns out i am more than ok.
i guess history aint scared me no more.
im so glad that those pages are closed.
i love u T.D.Z

me n tris at Oka's wed.
and i hope my gurl is doing more than fine as well :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


was talking to mario yesterday
its been awhile though.
and it was hillarious.
dude such a pervert.
n i had an x world shot @ miitem PI
black noodles was good.
love it.
tristan is a bit sick
but he's doing great.
and i think Carol broke up again.
hoping shez fine.

Friday, June 27, 2008

not frustrated

Crazy as its gonna sound
But I do miss being a bit frustrated. Miss having crazy
Feelings coz that's where all the inspiration came to my head.
Miss being paranoid.
Haha man I am one hell of a weird chick eh?

Monday, June 23, 2008

sex and the city (the movie)

So i watched SATC
a bit cheezy at the part where
Carrie forgot the password and turns out
it's L O V E from the key chain.
but it's forgivable since i love the movie.
now THAT's MY gurls!
those are the help for me

the whole SATC thingy kinda made me a bit sad tho...
not sad coz the movie is sad
just coz i miss my girls so much.
esp. Inge...haven't seen her for the past 2 damn years!
thats crazy!!!!
gonna meet up with the girls probably next weekend
in less than 6 months marge is gonna have a baby
hahaha...and we're still in our 20s.
but i loveee that movie!!!!
i miss karawaci!!! haha

Friday, June 20, 2008


can't believe it's been a year
since my year of VJ Hunt!!!!
it's been A YEARRR!!!!!
time flies and shit its fast.
so me n the other alumni were there
i miss those people!
we kinda were in a little reunion..
check this out!

the ex vj ladies haha

with the guys too!!!

oh man
it was fun!!!
and i didnt know who won this year
we were too busy gossippppinggg!!!


story of the year n your favorite enemy

it's prolly one of the best concert
this year.
i know they're emo or whatever u wanna
label their music.
but the rocked that night!
I didnt know much about Story of the year's songs before
but i sure love their performance that night
and they're amazingly humble.

the interview went great.
they were really cool and funny
like all of them were.
group pic.
look at adam n phill
and these are
your favorite enemies
from canada
they opened for SOTY
and they're all nice!!!

yeah that was it tho.
my O Clip team is the greatest!
3 chicas n we covered
both rock bands

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i miss my tristan zorn

Haha I went shopping with cas, rudy n his sister at grand indo tday.
And bought me a pair of jeans hehe.
And tris went to singapore tday n gonna stay at feroze.
Things been really good with both of us
which I'm so happy for.
And more pics coming up.
I'm gonna sleep now.
Luv cee

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 3.6.8 (Click 5 interview n concert)

so the day started when i went to
JW Mariott
with O Channel crew.
Met Alexa
they were gonna do the opening act :)
these are sum of the pics
me n uchie *as if* a hug fan haha
with Karina in the mid hehe

with Fajar Alexa (abis manggung langsung nonton hehe)
sandra, and another uChie

the night was great 'till taufik n uchie made me
(forced me dragged me)
to take pic with radja
frikkin gross
but i did it anyway
the interview with Joey haha
he's so funny!!!
the other one is ben.
they're both really cool.
so the day went great.

Senin 2.6.8 Studio time n Ramon's bday

went to record some stuff with risa
at Firecats
finally doing some musics :)
then flew *as if* to PIM for Ramon's bday!
here are sum pics!
B'day boi!

it's not like what u think it is tho!
(thanks yani for the pics :))

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


my gosh!
another exhausting week is coming!
can't escape nowhere.
i'm talking about work and all sort of
from Monday to the next monday
that includes saturday and sunday.
take voc with risa this Monday
The click 5 and Story of the Year interview
and concert starting today to thrusday.
sisi kota on Friday
and now i cant remember what to do on the weekend
but i know i have something though.
and now im still at the office
gonna go to JW Mariott for the click 5.
Ramon's birthday yesterday
geng go went to sushi groove.
was FUN!
pics coming up (next week im too lazy now haha)
'sup y'all!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


i need a new head
for my body
a head that can think
straight .
damn it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My family caught in an accident

oh gosh!
mum asked if i wanted to go to the hospital today coz my grandma needs a check up after her surgery.
but i was too tired n i kinda didn't feel right to go so i stayed.
then a few hours later dad came into my room and said mom, tante ayie and my grams had an accident.
turns out it wasn't them yg kecelakaan tapi ada orang naik motor,
nabrak truk disebelah kanan jalan dan keseret masuk ke kolong mobil nyokap.
Yang nyetir tante ayie.
dan emang bukan ditabrak,
dia yang keseret masuk ke kolong mobil.
and you know how indonesians are right?
they STARED!
no help no nothing but staring.
waktu nyokap meriksa orang ini abis ditarik dari kolong
it was blood everywhere coz he broke almost all the bones he has
his ear almost gotten cut off.
dan akhirnya mereka yang bawa ke RS.
(U know if it was me i dont know if i would do the same...taking other's responsibility with big chance we're gonnabe the one to blame)
keluarga yg dikabarin berdoa.
me n my cousin were not worried at all
somehow i had faith that everything was going to be ok.
dan bener,
keluarganya baik semua
dan istrinya orang ini ternyata pernah jadi murid nyokap.
setelah ditungguin di ICU n scan kepala
mom, grams n t.ayie went back home.
gak ada yg meninggal
gak ada yg dikeroyokin orang (seperti biasanya disini)
gak ada yg diperes
but one thing for sure
motor di Jakarta emang parah.
above all that though...
God has been so good to my fam
and thats an amazing grace.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Uncle Ricky's birthday :P


this is my beautiful lil' cousin Nicole
sooooo cuteeee!!!!
was having so much fun with my fam :p
and now im in the studio with carol
and she was recording with the mic offfff
it's so cold in here man.
oh Millz called last nite n i heard the beat that he made
for the sexy song
it was nicey!
Jak just gave me n carol tix for indo idol
but dont think i wanna go
but david cook won A.I
ooohhhh yeaaah

Friday, May 16, 2008


here are sum pics i've been wanting to upload
but was too lazy haha
so anyway below is the pic of the new
O channel
i love that place!

DUran2 concert with Jak

the guys from Flaming Bitchinies

Flaming Bitchinies

this is fun!!!
oh i was talking on the phone with Milly
about 2 days ago
and just found out about a few stuffs
that kinda made me laugh
to tears.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm eating

"i'm eating"
is the new line me n tris like to say these days
it's just funny coz only we know what that means
just done shooting again
tired n bored waiting for mba titut to drive me home
and ringgo been calling me a few times
all the time when i was already asleep *sorriiiii*
i wanna hang out with those peeps!!!!!!
oh and the overthrown guys miss me!!!
i miss them too!
and Uciy too!
she sms me while i was literally writing
on her FB page!
i wanna go home
and shyit this entry is just so not important

Thursday, May 8, 2008

bloody hell...

this is my first day of shooting with TVN
Channel B, n the show called
Sisi Kota.
we were shooting at Cilantro resto
46th floor of wisma BNI.
it was cool.
only i dont feel really well
im kinda sick.
sumthin is wrong with my throat.
it's really sore.
Emil called.
we talk about something.
Went to Jak Fm and met Carol.
was talking to her about something as well.
and she was all crying :(
that made me kinda sad too.
she had a bad day
i hope she'z ok.
(with british accent)
guys are dick heads!!!!!!!!!!!
too many things going on in my head now
i dunno what to do
and im sick.
and i didnt go to Margie's
its Bondan's bday
im the worst friend ever.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pretty shitty days...

i havent been around my blog for awhile.
it's not that i dont wanna write down whats
been happening...
it's just i wanna forget whats been happening.
all these family stuffs.
Im too frikkin' young to think about it
HAHA *sarcastic laugh*
but there are few things that's been good.
say, been trying to do musics again.
with Mario, with Risa...with Casanova
with *im hoping* Manis Sedap hehehe
just went to Cas' place.
and hung out with Faye, Drift, Matt, Rade, Tris
on sat n watched Iron Man *dont really like the movie*
and last friday hung out with Margie, Nova n Shi
Woohoo Flaming Bitchinies full team hehe
and was intouch with Emil
he's coming back to Jtown on June 9th
man how i hope everybody can hang out full team again
like all the guys...Rade, ROma, Cas, Emil, Sultan, dezire,
Shi, Marge, qb... n go partying again like the good old days.
oh well that's about it though.
nothing much.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mau nonton ALEXA!!!

yeah yeah was talking to Rissa yesterday
after our show and maybe we'll be making
a BAND!!!
and i don't know how many bands i'll be having
since my dearly ex bf mario called me up the day before
and ask if i would wanna be the bass player of his new band.
i can't stop cracking up!!!

mario said 'supaya hidup gue lebih berarti mending
ikutan jadi basis di band barunya yang namanya Epic'
and i cant believe i even said im gonna give it a shot.
sementara dia bosen jadi basis terus
padahal menurut gue he was great waktu jadi basisnya
Sajama Cut.
im a band whore haha

below is the pic of geng ringgo (minus ringgo reva)
on our own premiere of tali pocong perawan

and im about to go to senayan city
mau nonton Alexa
Yaniiii are u coming?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh i miss tristan ahaha

so basically tristan went to NZ for 2 weeks
and im staying in this shit hole
doing works n all sort of.
hung out with geng ringgo without ringgo ironically
watched tali pocong perawan
i cant believe dewi persik literally LICKED Ramon!!!
Ramon was sitting beside me in the theater
n i was like... "DIJILAT CING!!!"
and he was just laughing....then i couldnt help but ask

Cheryl: "Mon...horny gak dijilat dewi persik di kolam renang
cuma pake bikini...."

Ramon: "...ehmmm....hehehe"

and we all know that means "YES"

oh man i miss tristan so badddd
come home soooonnnn!!!!

ps: possibility to interview The Radio Dept.
26 april di Bandung


Friday, April 4, 2008

i interviewed John Taylor from duran duran!

woooah this is pretty exciting!
i woke up this morning when my PD called
n told me im gonna have an interview with john taylor
on my show today!
and he was really cool n nice.
so it went great!!
that made my day!

Monday, March 31, 2008


haha this is crazy
i havent been updating this since
i got home.
i've been so tired and exhausted though.
maybe thats why.
so anyway

the show on jak has been awsome.
me n tristan heading to 14 months haha
geng ringgo are doing fine
theyve been pretty busy.
last nite was Listya n Reno's wedding
n i met my old uni gang.
miss them much.


Saturday, March 8, 2008


I'm Korea!!!
friggin' cold here
and i dont miss home!
pics coming up!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ichwan TOha fashion show

me n my partner Opi
ok so yesterday was pretty cool
ngemsi ama si Opi sempet salah manggil performer
but we still saved the day by pulling out jokes n shits haha
and at the end of the day (very end of the day literally)
we took the pics of platinum mgt.
looks like the pic we took in high school ey?
kelas 3 ips hehehe
i like the clothes we were wearing :P

Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 down 2 more to go!

BsB concert on monday, check!
Vo and training on tuesday, check!
a shooting that was cancelled on wednesday, check!
Jak FM's music escapade on thursday, check!
i still have to go MC at saripan tomorrow.
and be going with Tris, Madison and David on sat.
if you miss me much (haha yeah right)
i'll be having my first show at Jak FM on
MONDAY!!! hahaha from 10am-1pm.
woohoo im nervous man!
hope to hear from everybody!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back Street Boys HAHA!

look at that hot stuff haaaahaaaa
i am so guilty!

say i've been giving all of you so many stuffs about me
(for the past week i guess)
that for some people they'll take the piss about it.
and this time is,
yes i went to the BSB concert hahaha!
fucking hell so many homos were watching that shit.
but you know what,
i LOVE it! (not the homo part, but the BSB part)
hahaha (yea yea start laughing with me please)
Nick was hot as. haha
i cant believe i just wrote all this.
overall i think their show was great :p

Saturday, February 23, 2008


wth? Hore? i'm sick y'all
i'm beaten down now.
huhuhu something wrong with my stomach
aaannddd YANIIIIIII if ur reading this
i finally watched GKJC hehehehe
and i'll be going to BSB concert,
another training and X style shoot
and MC at Saripan on the weekend
and Jak fm's party on the 28th
ill be having a crazy week next week
pray that i can go through it hehe

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


jadi post ini harus ditulis dgn bahasa indonesia
biar lebih daleeemm hehehe
i've been thinking (loh kok inggris lagi?)
pokoknya gue sempet mikir beberapa saat belakangan ini
what the heck is wrong with my head???
dan gue mencari-cari siapa yang bisa gue ceritain tentang ini?
and i dialed Ramon's number.
amazingly he got the answer!!!
apapun si masalah yang gue pusingin itu dia bilang intinya
'lo harus ikhlas cher...'
(berasa lagi nonton ayat2 cinta gue hehehe)
but it's true.
dengan begitu gue bisa ngeliat sisi yang baik dari orang lain.
did i tell u that Rizky kena kanker otak stadium 2?
2 hari lalu gue nelfon mario untuk cerita tentang ini
somehow i know he got the answer
(kasus berbeda dengan pertanyaan yang gue kasih ke Ramon)
dan bener sih.
one word leads to another
kita mulai ngeluarin kata-kata bijak dan
'the art of life'
banyak banget sih sampe bisa dijadiin buku gue rasa.
yah begitulah yang terjadi dua hari terakhir ini.
banyak kata-kata bijak yang gue dapet dan bikin
gue merasa tuaaaa
enough with the whole thinking and confuseness
now lets rock n roll again fellllaaazzzz!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

i think i'm a looney!

call me a lunatic you may
i dont know why but i think i am
*stressed out mode*
Ayat-ayat cinta premiere tonight
im going there with platinum
and Roro Rizky Yani.
Jude's farewell yesterday and saturday night
at Pisa cafe.
(before that i went to PIM for
Abigail's barby peagent)
im sad that she's gone :(
Jude i mean.
ah alrighty then
im just gonna go
sakit perut nih

Friday, February 15, 2008

Val's with geng go!

ok so me, tristan, yani, roro, rizky, reva, ringgo, dennis, nadia
(minus vecky n ramon) went for a vals dinner at Helen's.
it was really nice...with accoustic live musics and free cakes :)

the girls pics...

the guys...

the family pic (i love this one)
but the night was getting a lil' wild
well not really,
but no more accoustic thingy coz we decided to go karaoke!!!

the backstreet boys!!!

versus Spice girls!!!
ah i love you all geng ringgo hehehe
i mean, geng go