Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 down 2 more to go!

BsB concert on monday, check!
Vo and training on tuesday, check!
a shooting that was cancelled on wednesday, check!
Jak FM's music escapade on thursday, check!
i still have to go MC at saripan tomorrow.
and be going with Tris, Madison and David on sat.
if you miss me much (haha yeah right)
i'll be having my first show at Jak FM on
MONDAY!!! hahaha from 10am-1pm.
woohoo im nervous man!
hope to hear from everybody!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back Street Boys HAHA!

look at that hot stuff haaaahaaaa
i am so guilty!

say i've been giving all of you so many stuffs about me
(for the past week i guess)
that for some people they'll take the piss about it.
and this time is,
yes i went to the BSB concert hahaha!
fucking hell so many homos were watching that shit.
but you know what,
i LOVE it! (not the homo part, but the BSB part)
hahaha (yea yea start laughing with me please)
Nick was hot as. haha
i cant believe i just wrote all this.
overall i think their show was great :p

Saturday, February 23, 2008


wth? Hore? i'm sick y'all
i'm beaten down now.
huhuhu something wrong with my stomach
aaannddd YANIIIIIII if ur reading this
i finally watched GKJC hehehehe
and i'll be going to BSB concert,
another training and X style shoot
and MC at Saripan on the weekend
and Jak fm's party on the 28th
ill be having a crazy week next week
pray that i can go through it hehe

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


jadi post ini harus ditulis dgn bahasa indonesia
biar lebih daleeemm hehehe
i've been thinking (loh kok inggris lagi?)
pokoknya gue sempet mikir beberapa saat belakangan ini
what the heck is wrong with my head???
dan gue mencari-cari siapa yang bisa gue ceritain tentang ini?
and i dialed Ramon's number.
amazingly he got the answer!!!
apapun si masalah yang gue pusingin itu dia bilang intinya
'lo harus ikhlas cher...'
(berasa lagi nonton ayat2 cinta gue hehehe)
but it's true.
dengan begitu gue bisa ngeliat sisi yang baik dari orang lain.
did i tell u that Rizky kena kanker otak stadium 2?
2 hari lalu gue nelfon mario untuk cerita tentang ini
somehow i know he got the answer
(kasus berbeda dengan pertanyaan yang gue kasih ke Ramon)
dan bener sih.
one word leads to another
kita mulai ngeluarin kata-kata bijak dan
'the art of life'
banyak banget sih sampe bisa dijadiin buku gue rasa.
yah begitulah yang terjadi dua hari terakhir ini.
banyak kata-kata bijak yang gue dapet dan bikin
gue merasa tuaaaa
enough with the whole thinking and confuseness
now lets rock n roll again fellllaaazzzz!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

i think i'm a looney!

call me a lunatic you may
i dont know why but i think i am
*stressed out mode*
Ayat-ayat cinta premiere tonight
im going there with platinum
and Roro Rizky Yani.
Jude's farewell yesterday and saturday night
at Pisa cafe.
(before that i went to PIM for
Abigail's barby peagent)
im sad that she's gone :(
Jude i mean.
ah alrighty then
im just gonna go
sakit perut nih

Friday, February 15, 2008

Val's with geng go!

ok so me, tristan, yani, roro, rizky, reva, ringgo, dennis, nadia
(minus vecky n ramon) went for a vals dinner at Helen's.
it was really nice...with accoustic live musics and free cakes :)

the girls pics...

the guys...

the family pic (i love this one)
but the night was getting a lil' wild
well not really,
but no more accoustic thingy coz we decided to go karaoke!!!

the backstreet boys!!!

versus Spice girls!!!
ah i love you all geng ringgo hehehe
i mean, geng go

Thursday, February 14, 2008

it's been an exhausting week

mulai dari training di Jak
ke firecatz bikin lagu2 baru ama ade
sampe shooting
X Style yang 3 episode sehari
meaning, 12 hours a day!!!!
mau tidur ajaaaaa
eh happy vals day untuk yg merayakan.
im gonna celebrate it with Tristan and
my geng Go at Helen's tonight.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

So this is goodbye?

i've thought that i'd feel pretty sad from leaving trax
and i am kinda sad.
it's so surreal
i didn't get the chance to say goodbye though...
karena ternyata per minggu depan gue and Taufik udah nggak siaran.
so i'll say it here
to all the people that's been working together with me,
all the djs, producers, boss
and anak trax
thank you so much for the support for the passed 5 years
it means soooo much
but since an end is always a begining of another journey
so i guess you should just wait and see
what's next from me
coz this isn't goodbye.

these are the latest pics i've taken for Soap Magz.
inside the Studio.
i'm gonna miss that place.

Friday, February 8, 2008


i dont think i'll be doing anything today
its been raining like hell.
harusnya ke kantor ngasih surat and
ke cikini untuk suntik keloid :(
i'll just be going to Tristan's later.
went to Abigail's and taught her a lesson or two
went to Blitz with Tristan and stella :)
Astro shoot at Jaydee's.
and Yacko was there as well
so it was like a lil' reunion after all these times :)
look at the pics hehe

went to Pacific Place
finally Geng Go meeting
and we played Uno Attack!
Fun as!
went to anomali as well :p

ow yeah that was fun!
oh i envy agus!!!
he went to the Police concert!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

decisions are made

so yeah,
i made the dicision
resign from trax
and starting next march
i'll be in Jak.
that was the hardest decision to make
i'm sad and happy at the same time.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


do you know how my geng ringgo will be mocking me
if they found out i'm writting this...
i text Yani before and said
i will have to add more celebrity crush on my list
and i said it's Miller.
ok y'all can start laughing your ass off with me now!
i know you wanna do it!
and that's exactly the reaction i got from Yani.
i just watch cintapuccino though,
yeah, i got the point of your 'how the heck did it happen?' quesstion
so yea.
Miller it is.
at least for the time being.
you know the list started from
Tora sudiro,
then Miller.
but it will only last a couple of days.
in other news
i just had a phone call
Ai's dad just passed away
heart attack.
im gonna have to be there for her tonight
after i drove mum to the airport
leaving for korea.
and im so nervous.
my big decision is gotta be made
wish me luck fellas.
i miss geng ringgo!
ngumpul yuks!
pada sibuk semua nihhhhh