Thursday, January 31, 2008

i'm having a hard time and good time all at once.

i've been denying the fact that people do grow up.
and from there i know why my parents doesn't like 'these-days-kinda-musics'
they seriously think those musics are rubbish and devil worshipper.
i used to think it was funny.
so anyway...

at this very moment
i might gonna have a really huge big decision to make.
and i am damn scared.
coz it's gonna affect everything.
it's gonna feel like breaking up with your long time bf for 5 years.
but the trains been wreck.
you're losing the vibes along the way, and thats not healthy.
in the other hand,
another great big thing is waiting for me.
this is really surreal.
i'll update about this once i've made 100% of my decision.



i went to My chemical romance's press conf.
and i met the almamaters hahaha
Ben, Shafira, Cici, Rianty, Nova.
And Gerard Way looks gay (haha no offense to MCR lovers)
and dont really wanna talk about this.

moving on, yesterday i met Ricardo.
Dude just got back from Hong Kong.
that is fun. ey?!
and the best and worst thing of having a childhood friend like him
is actually they are going to blow your cover. haha
at the same time i met Yudha and i was with Ika.
it was a great night.
Geez, i feel like..
being a 90s teenager again!
salute to duran duran!



that's Ric. A newly PNS who works 9-5 oh sorry,
whatever time he likes haha

Monday, January 28, 2008



I checked out Platinvm's website
and they already put my pics in it.
only one pic won't load :(
but then the rest of the pic
(that's just how i feel heheheh)

if you wanna see
my other friends there, click

and today i'm staying home
waiting for my mom's new car to be delivered.
i'll post the car pics later.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Putt putt day & R.I.P Soeharto

Putt Putt
Somehow Madison made me agree
on going to putt putt on the weekend.
and i, my friend, really sucked on that game
big time!
you can tell from the way i stand
that i actually scored 5!
(and by 5, i meant it wasnt good)

and Tristan,
was actually good at it.
i know that he is though hehe

Group pic.
well, that was my first time doing it.
and it was actually kinda fun.
went Bowling after that and
yea i sucked.


in the other news,
RIP Bp. Soeharto

you know i never really hate him.
actually i never did hate him at all
i think he just breed bad seeds
really bad childrens of his.

just thinking how Indo people are hypocrites.
they've been saying shit about him
and cursing him,
and now after he died,
they said all the nice things he had done.
get outta here!!!
at least when i said i'm giving my condolances
that comes from my heart


Thursday, January 24, 2008

I got my tickets! yeay!

Mum gave me tickets for my holiday
and i'll be going to Korea!
from march 2nd to the 9th!
i am so excited!

and i think on this 31st
i'm gonna interview My chemical romance
for O channel
another free tix!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Dawson's creek ;p

call me crazy,
but i bought Dawsons creek last weekend
just for the sake of 'the good old highschool days'
thats been fading away from my memories.
and damn it i miss being in HS and all my friends there.
mellodramatic me.
i miss being rebellious in school
and studying for exam (tho i cheated alot hahaha)

in other story...
i am glad.
on the 1st of Feb,
me n tris are going to celebrate our
1st year anniversary.
after having all those crazy n stupid relationships
in the past, struggled with stupid guys,

unfaithful guys, dramatic relationships,
different religion, long distance thigy,
and just plain failure in relationships i had before,
now im with the guy i love, and normal.
and i've never been this happy before.

thats my guy!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

indo movies that i just watched (too little too late ey) hehe

pemain: deddy mizwar, tora sudiro
wulan guritno, Lukman sardi
and i love this movie!

COkelat stroberi:
nino fernandez. nadia safira
uhm... so-so

Oka antara, Dwi andhika, dhea ananda
I think Dwi andhika gave the
best perfomance in the movie.
The movie is ok.

Oh i hate taxi!

yup. i hate taxy.
i went shooting by frikkin' blue bird
'the best taxy in town'
and the driver took me around fucking
south Jakarta n i never made it
to the place i told him to go!
and i had to pay 100rb for that shit!
im about to file complain to blue fucking bird!

and then last night,
i forgot my clothes, make up bag,
and charger in roro's car.
so i gotta go to her place
today after my show.

I hate Taxi part 2
Jan 25th 2008
I was just in the middle of this city's
friggin' traffic when a
number MM 023
scratched the left side of my car.
Starting from the back door to the front of my car.
I tried to tell the guy to pull over but he ran away.
so i called the taxy pool and told them i'm gonna
b*tch slap them ass for this.
so i on aired it on my show
and i'm gonna send complain to news papers.
don't ever ride MANUK MIRA TAKSI!

New Blog!!! n Yani's bday :p

No, im not a blog freak!
it's just that my old blog is kinda fucked up now.
I cant upload pics anymore, n my old pics suddenly gone.
that is so annoying. so im moving my blog here.

(hahaha thats too friggin' late ey!)

im gonna start updating now.
today is Yani's bday.
the party was at Koi.
it was fun.
i cant believe she actually gave the 1st (or 2nd) cake
to Fedi!!! hahahaha

thats the bday girl n the present ;p

thats the boy band

hahaha the gang gong pic!
love these people :)
so anyway im tired,
i gotago on the air tmrw morning
it sucks.
need to sleep.