Wednesday, October 2, 2013

lets walk on water!

Again its beeen a while since my last post. Life has been a roller coaster ride! My life is like a movie lately, and if there is time where i can say 'life is full of surprises', its now! But can i tell you a story about a friend of mine who inspires me a lot lately?! I have never met anyone who is more positive than him. This year alone i think he's been through hell and back! I imagine putting myself in his shoes and i thought 'nah i might just die', from a devastating heartbreak to a massive car crash, i've never seen this person complained! He never did. Puts me to shame everytime im having a shitty day and starts complaining, i remember how he always laugh his problems off, jokes about it, and always having positive attitude about it. I stop complaining. I told myself to just have faith, big and strong enough faith that you could walk on water and move mountains. I refuse to complain, some shitty situations where people are just using you, leeching you, hating you, drag you down, those are just reminders, that in life, to love, and forgive are the most powerful things. And never count on anyone but you and God. If there's one more day given to you, live it large. For that day might not gonna come again, but your stories will be told till the end of the world. Love, cee. and

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Change of Mindset.

So for about 2 weeks or more i've been trying to apply this whole 'being positive' and getting the positive energy and work on myself. Guess what, it turns out GREAT! Like seriously, whenever i am being grateful for even the smallest thing in life, even greater things came my way. Its so amazing. The key of doing this in what i lear are: 1. Love. To love ourself is the first thing first. To love God. To love my family and friends, to love this life, the situation im in(no matter how bad coz you know it could always be worse), to love the place im at, the work im doing, to love the haters (this gotta be the hardest, even im still learning to do it without hassitation (err did i spell it right?) Anyway... Love, and be loved. We should have that love so big and abundantly that we dont even need a love back. And love will definitely love you back. 2. Forgiveness. Sometimes we are in a very bad state because of a wrong decision we made. We should make peace with this, forgive ourself, forgive those who hurt you. You know holding grudge can seriously damaged you, hatred, revenge and all those will only hold you back from doing greater big things! You need to be in peace, then you can see clearly the path you are going. 3. Positive Mind and Attitude. If you are joyful (no more hatred, anger, pain, etc) and you can love everything around you, keep the positive attitude. Be at least positive for 51% that happened in life in a day. Not complaining too much but focus on the things you are blessed with. Coz its about time for us all to defy gravity! and

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Inner Peace Beneath the Clouds

A few posts ago i was talking about inner peace. I gotta say it took me around two years to find it. It was a long journey of finding your own true self. Having faith about love, life, sacrifice and everything in between. And then build yourself again after it was once (or too many) damaged. So many things in life can damaged you. Betrayal, Lies, sadness, grief, grudge, hatred, etc etc. But When you made it, you found it, you know that there's no way you will ever gonna go back down that path, ever again. But life's path is never your call. Storm will come, whether you like it or not. And when it happened, you will think that you lost that inner peace again. But I dont think so. It's still there somewhere in your heart, somewhere beneath the clouds, you only need to clear the air to find it. After all, it is already a part of you that could never be taken away by anyone. With that inner peace, you can forgive, forget, try to look at things from the big picture, not judging about anything, selfless, still love, and just be cool. (With a bit of a fight of course. Coz every storm brings its own damaged right?) The first part will be the hardest. After the second storm, even if you fell, you won't start from ground zero. Don't beat your self up. I always told myself to be still, and know that there is God. One who holds your hand, and never leave and never changed. His promises are true, and only in Him the source of your inner peace will be. To never lose faith. When we have faith we can see all His glory and blessings. Count those blessings, so we can get up and be grateful of what we have and what we don't have. Count those blessings, and help blesses others. Find comfort in each others faith. Don't hate. Don't curse. Don't hold grudge. Ease your soul. I promise you this is NOT gonna be easy. I don't remember how many times i fell. But i always get back up. Never giving up. Ever. There may be storm right now, coz i can't see clear straight to my inner peace. But i will find it again, or i will die trying. and

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here's to us

I feel like in a movie scene while listening to this song. Everything bout this song just robbed my soul. The last few nights indeed have kicked my ass. Hahaha thankfully my lovely high school mates and a few other best friends are just awesome. (They got their asses kicked as well, thats why!) Reunited today with Icha and Ruthie. Totally high school! They came to my apt (kinda wish Ruth would've brought me food since i got nothing in my fridge, she actually robbed whatever thats left lol). I called in sick today. Didn't go to work, my stomach hurts like hell.

So anyway we were talking and sharing and listening to this song. And we laughed and we cried and we raised our glasses and said 'F* this'. Then we laughed and laughed. Tears are probably in the back of the eyes. But i am so blessed. I thought i would never love again. I guess i thought wrong. No matter how shitty the situation is now, im still in love. And im glad that i am. I want the person i love to be happy and blessed.Cheers! Here's to us! and

Sunday, February 17, 2013

That Inner Peace.

I barely post anything kinda spiritual in a blog. Yeah inner peace is pretty spiritual isn't it? Well anyway, lately everything seems to be overloading. And i am always on the edge... or burnt. Trying to keep my moodswing on the right track usually isn't that hard. But again lately, it is pretty hard. Alongside that impulsiveness in me, seems like the perfect combo to set a house on fire every night. But I managed, to not say a thing when i'm really pissed (well most of the time, and if its to the people i care about) otherwise i think i will just say whatever the heck my sharp tongue wanna say. Juggling work and school is like being a double agent. Honestly i have kissed goodbye my social life. I'm the town prisoner since school won't lemme go. Eventhough i'm leaving for Europe next week, i'm still bringing paperworks. And then i realized my complaining wont solve any case. So i chose to do the 'If you cant beat them join them - crap'. i am soooo gonna drown myself in this busyness, and just enjoy the crap outta it. Sounds like a plan huh? well my plan is to not plan anything. Go with the flow with everything. But to feel good about myself. Oh wait, i've always been feeling good about myself after the recovery. I managed to laugh about myself all the time. Yeah, so i'm suggesting you people to start doing that too. If that failed, there's always joint. LOL I am totally kidding. OMG don't be too serious people. Even the Joker died remember. Take it easy. and