Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singapore 17-19 juni 11

so 3rd and 4th winner got sent to Singapore and had fun in USS. it was pretty cool especially when Pharrell came along. He knows ways and we all pretty much went shopping, strolling, watching movies andddd... gay bar! hahaha... anyways, yeah it was greeaaatt!!! and

Sweet Moments Planner Tropicana Slim Episode 1 - Part 1

Sweet moment Planner episode 1 is airing on youtube now.. Arabian Serenade. haha fun fun funnn!!! I cant believe we made this happened!!! yeay!!! and

Sweet Moment Planner Tropicana Slim Episode 3 Teaser

Awraaaiit this is the trailer for Sweet Moment Planner Episode 3, Lmen vs Parkour (LoCal vs Loco) this episode would be my faveee!!! check it out on youtube soon!!! well we lost, but Loco was awesome and we all had a great time!!!

cee and

Monday, June 6, 2011

Awesome night with the geng gong :P

Aw! That was a fun night. I thought the cooking and dinner thing was cancelled but turns out Riri said it was still on. So, it was at Daniel's. + Viola, Rianti, Cas, Millane, Alberto, Rapeed, Rikas and I went there to cook (well i set the table since i came a bit late lol) and thankfully today is cheating day so i can eat whatever i want. LOL. Good times my friends! yay!

Cee. and

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

LOL! This is the clip peeps been telling me to watch and i just did tonight. hahaha waaayyy too late eh cher! don't care. it's an awesome clip hey! hahahaha and