Friday, January 28, 2011

Hillsong Chapel - Hosanna HD (2010)

i am sooo going to Hillsong College this year. YAY! and

Words from lombok

So im at Lombok now. The same beach as last year. I was pretty shocked. Didn't know i was gonna end up at Senggigi. SO i booked another hotel for tomorrow. Im going to Kuta Lombok as i planned. Anyway... I'll update you once's i moved hotel. and

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hillsong: Made me Glad
That song is so powerful. Every time i feel like hope is fading, i listen to this and I found a way back. I'm sharing this to all the people all over the world, that there is God who keeps you on track. Lean on Him and you'll find peace.

ps: this week i'll be catching up a lot with my friends. :) I need that. Badly. and

ashlee simpson - beautifully broken

I found beauty in being broken and falling apart. And this song is just awesome. This is an old song actually, I almost forgot about this song 'till last night Nova gave me this song and i was like 'wow' it hits the place.
So please enjoy, while i'm embracing the mellow moment. Just remember, there's a beauty in every pain. It shows how human we are. and

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friends are the best medicine.

Well my besties always know what to do to lift me up. They've been planning this night since last week. Only a slight changed of plan we ended up at Formule 1 Hotel instead of Grand Hyatt. What..the..? Oh well... it was soooo funny how we were cracking up looking at the room. It was seriously a WRONG hotel we booked. Oh well, we still had fun though. They tried their best and so did i. and

Thank you my loveliest ones!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Theater

And so today is the D day! We (Tetas Theater) went on stage at British International School. It was pretty awesome. Since the audience were laughing. And me and Tasya both wrote the play. So it's awesome! You can see in the pic, I dressed up as a dumb blond. Tasya is the ballerina, jerry is the PT, and Dea is the crazy rock chick.

All and all..was good. I had fun. and

Friday, January 21, 2011

Put on my face

Today was the last theater practice. Tomorrow is the D DAY! Let's see how it's gonna go. I'm pretty excited. On the other note, i think i'm starting to feel a bit better. I heard a therapist said "You need to get back on the horse, but not when you're still shaken from the fall" ---MAN ITS SO TRUE!

I'll be going to Lombok, Philippines, Belitung, Europe and US this year. So who knows right?! I know i'm gonna have to hit the bottom ground before making a quantum. So God bless everyone who beat me up badly and put me in all these mess, but hey, i dont have time for hating. All i can do is move forward. Learning from all my mistakes, and how people will constantly brings you down, but I always know how to get back up. Stronger than ever.

I wish everyone all the very best. And will you excuse me, I have a life to do. and

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First beach on my 'Indo beach trip 2011'

Goes toooo.... KUTA BEACH LOMBOK (not Bali) hahaha Next weekendddd!!!
Awwww yeaaaaaahhh babyyy!!! Let's burn some skin! and get a lil tanned.
And thank YOu God! Just for everything basically. The ups and the downs. and the goods and the bads. I just Love You really! and

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The stage

This is the stage where we practise theater these past week. I can't make it tonight. But good luck to the team!

ps: Jordaaaan congraatts for the chica! <3 be happy!!! :D and

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cas - Teman Curhat

OMG LMAO!!! This is the clip we shot a few months ago! hahaha finally out. Scoopies gang yall! and

MIKA - Happy Ending (Long Version)

I loveeeee this song. It's been on a repeat since forever. I couldn't cry any harder listening to this song ;) *put it as crying in a tragic romantic way hahaha*
So, my lovely readers, lets share the song and the sadness.

Cheers. and

Follow my what?

I've been making myself busy with theater practice. My character is a dumb blond. Not too hard to do lol *since im in a very dumb state right now*
Went to Sisca's place at Shangri La and had some wine (which made me a bit buzzed at the practise...dang i drank a bit too much haha that was so wrong. wont happened again. promise)
Other than that, just being in the studio, screw up some shiz and screw up some more. lol im joking again.

And oh my gosh man! i cant stop eating. guess that's me when im under pressure. I need to bring my heart and brain at the same time. and just stop screwing my heart out. heart and brain. I usually carry my heart and feelings. Mostly forgot where the brain and mind hehe. wont happened again. promise. pinky frikkin promise.

next stop, im gonna join the Whatever Anonymous.

'Hi I'm Cheryl Marella, and i'm a love addict'
'If i wasnt a radio dj i'd be a CSI. can call me..Crazy' and

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yani's bday - again! and

i dunno how many times i posted about Yani's bday. lol. anyway this time was at Corks and Screw. Everyone was there minus Soraya. but yeah at least i was laughing a bit. Them crazy peeps!

On the other note, i remembered that i still got a whole full bottle of wine at home. So im having a party of 1 in my room. Yeah...i can turn anything into FUN shiz. anyway...ZZZZzzzz

I need a shrik...errr i mean sleep

Saturday, January 15, 2011

baby steps

I think i have to take baby steps on everything. I firstly need too learn how to breathe again. NOthing seems to be right. But i know i am not the only one. I just need to stay positive, and in this case, God blessed me with awesome friends. How everybody at work became family and let me junked my crazy thoughts into creative stuff for my show. How Tasya suddenly took me to a theater class yesterday and got me wrote a bit of the script and we are going to perform it at British International School NEXT FRIDAY! (that is crazy!)

How everyone just being supportive including my lovely mother. I cant say much but im hoping i will released a book this year. and while searching for school overseas, see if i can get lucky in other country. Anyway, baby steps for now, but i will be putting on that dancing shoes again, real soon my friends. Face the music and dance. and

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jeff Dunham - Strip Club/Gay Man

This is how I cope up with things when times got hard. Freaking PEANUT!!! LMAO!!!
He never failed to crack me up now i feel like a pot head already. This is great. I loveee Jeff Dunham. and

JAK FM's 4th bday bash!

So it was our b'day on the 10th! It was crazy coz we only do the preparations in 3 days!!! But we did great!!! I had taufik as my tandem! Feels like the old days back on Trax :D The Jak Fan gave us a pair of shoes with pics of us on it! Awesome!!! I seriously had fun. A great distraction from all the shits that's been happening. and

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walk The Blog

The new team Mya Santosa, Agiel, Cheryl Marella, Zarry Hendrik: Walk The Blog!!!
Will be aired next monday 1-4pm! Woot woot!!!


My dear

Hello my dear. One day, i'd love to share this day with you. Even though it might took a while to get there. I don't really know who you are, where you are, but i know you are going to be the light in my life. and Love in my life. Waking up in the morning, with your face and your smile.


remember this

So where ever you go, you'll live it, breathe it, and die remembering it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am gonna have more colors in my life. If last year everything was black and blue, this year would be shocking pink. Ok, time to pamper myself. Hair dresser, buy new clothes and manicure. Other than that, fuck the world. Bitch is back!


psychedelic treat anyone?

it's been a while. i might need to have some kinda hallucination about things. oh wait a minute, am i hallucinating right now? did i miss spell anything now? wait another minute... am i seeing a jimmy hendrix in front of me dancing? ok, that HAS to be hallucination right? RIGHT? he's frikkin dead right?



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I love Jak FM!!!

I do love my job and my office and the people im working with!!! We are like family! It's crazy how the only thing I miss about home is when i actually miss doing my show and having a crazy acoustic session in the PD's office. While, every time we are there, we breed crazy stupid ideas (that always turns out to be brilliant after the execution). I'll be having a new insert called: Walking the Blog. It'll be awesome coz im gonna team up with one of my fave writer: zarry hendrik! hahaha... awesome!!!

In heart department, nggak mau ngebahas ini dulu lah gue.

So far i am still breathing. Thats a good sign right?

click here for literature session:

Monday, January 3, 2011

The journey to recover (from jakarta)

I made the best escape of the year. Went to HK and NZ for Christmas and NY. Believe me, when you see a view like that, it's the best therapy. It was like recovering at the best place on earth. Blue sky, clear view, family and no work. It was so amazing, i couldn't thank God enough. I realized He always, ALWAYS, will give nothing but the best for you and me. When I had worst days, He gave me this great escape.