Monday, May 5, 2008

Pretty shitty days...

i havent been around my blog for awhile.
it's not that i dont wanna write down whats
been happening...
it's just i wanna forget whats been happening.
all these family stuffs.
Im too frikkin' young to think about it
HAHA *sarcastic laugh*
but there are few things that's been good.
say, been trying to do musics again.
with Mario, with Risa...with Casanova
with *im hoping* Manis Sedap hehehe
just went to Cas' place.
and hung out with Faye, Drift, Matt, Rade, Tris
on sat n watched Iron Man *dont really like the movie*
and last friday hung out with Margie, Nova n Shi
Woohoo Flaming Bitchinies full team hehe
and was intouch with Emil
he's coming back to Jtown on June 9th
man how i hope everybody can hang out full team again
like all the guys...Rade, ROma, Cas, Emil, Sultan, dezire,
Shi, Marge, qb... n go partying again like the good old days.
oh well that's about it though.
nothing much.

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