Thursday, May 29, 2008


i need a new head
for my body
a head that can think
straight .
damn it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My family caught in an accident

oh gosh!
mum asked if i wanted to go to the hospital today coz my grandma needs a check up after her surgery.
but i was too tired n i kinda didn't feel right to go so i stayed.
then a few hours later dad came into my room and said mom, tante ayie and my grams had an accident.
turns out it wasn't them yg kecelakaan tapi ada orang naik motor,
nabrak truk disebelah kanan jalan dan keseret masuk ke kolong mobil nyokap.
Yang nyetir tante ayie.
dan emang bukan ditabrak,
dia yang keseret masuk ke kolong mobil.
and you know how indonesians are right?
they STARED!
no help no nothing but staring.
waktu nyokap meriksa orang ini abis ditarik dari kolong
it was blood everywhere coz he broke almost all the bones he has
his ear almost gotten cut off.
dan akhirnya mereka yang bawa ke RS.
(U know if it was me i dont know if i would do the same...taking other's responsibility with big chance we're gonnabe the one to blame)
keluarga yg dikabarin berdoa.
me n my cousin were not worried at all
somehow i had faith that everything was going to be ok.
dan bener,
keluarganya baik semua
dan istrinya orang ini ternyata pernah jadi murid nyokap.
setelah ditungguin di ICU n scan kepala
mom, grams n t.ayie went back home.
gak ada yg meninggal
gak ada yg dikeroyokin orang (seperti biasanya disini)
gak ada yg diperes
but one thing for sure
motor di Jakarta emang parah.
above all that though...
God has been so good to my fam
and thats an amazing grace.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Uncle Ricky's birthday :P


this is my beautiful lil' cousin Nicole
sooooo cuteeee!!!!
was having so much fun with my fam :p
and now im in the studio with carol
and she was recording with the mic offfff
it's so cold in here man.
oh Millz called last nite n i heard the beat that he made
for the sexy song
it was nicey!
Jak just gave me n carol tix for indo idol
but dont think i wanna go
but david cook won A.I
ooohhhh yeaaah

Friday, May 16, 2008


here are sum pics i've been wanting to upload
but was too lazy haha
so anyway below is the pic of the new
O channel
i love that place!

DUran2 concert with Jak

the guys from Flaming Bitchinies

Flaming Bitchinies

this is fun!!!
oh i was talking on the phone with Milly
about 2 days ago
and just found out about a few stuffs
that kinda made me laugh
to tears.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm eating

"i'm eating"
is the new line me n tris like to say these days
it's just funny coz only we know what that means
just done shooting again
tired n bored waiting for mba titut to drive me home
and ringgo been calling me a few times
all the time when i was already asleep *sorriiiii*
i wanna hang out with those peeps!!!!!!
oh and the overthrown guys miss me!!!
i miss them too!
and Uciy too!
she sms me while i was literally writing
on her FB page!
i wanna go home
and shyit this entry is just so not important

Thursday, May 8, 2008

bloody hell...

this is my first day of shooting with TVN
Channel B, n the show called
Sisi Kota.
we were shooting at Cilantro resto
46th floor of wisma BNI.
it was cool.
only i dont feel really well
im kinda sick.
sumthin is wrong with my throat.
it's really sore.
Emil called.
we talk about something.
Went to Jak Fm and met Carol.
was talking to her about something as well.
and she was all crying :(
that made me kinda sad too.
she had a bad day
i hope she'z ok.
(with british accent)
guys are dick heads!!!!!!!!!!!
too many things going on in my head now
i dunno what to do
and im sick.
and i didnt go to Margie's
its Bondan's bday
im the worst friend ever.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pretty shitty days...

i havent been around my blog for awhile.
it's not that i dont wanna write down whats
been happening...
it's just i wanna forget whats been happening.
all these family stuffs.
Im too frikkin' young to think about it
HAHA *sarcastic laugh*
but there are few things that's been good.
say, been trying to do musics again.
with Mario, with Risa...with Casanova
with *im hoping* Manis Sedap hehehe
just went to Cas' place.
and hung out with Faye, Drift, Matt, Rade, Tris
on sat n watched Iron Man *dont really like the movie*
and last friday hung out with Margie, Nova n Shi
Woohoo Flaming Bitchinies full team hehe
and was intouch with Emil
he's coming back to Jtown on June 9th
man how i hope everybody can hang out full team again
like all the guys...Rade, ROma, Cas, Emil, Sultan, dezire,
Shi, Marge, qb... n go partying again like the good old days.
oh well that's about it though.
nothing much.