Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh i miss tristan ahaha

so basically tristan went to NZ for 2 weeks
and im staying in this shit hole
doing works n all sort of.
hung out with geng ringgo without ringgo ironically
watched tali pocong perawan
i cant believe dewi persik literally LICKED Ramon!!!
Ramon was sitting beside me in the theater
n i was like... "DIJILAT CING!!!"
and he was just laughing....then i couldnt help but ask

Cheryl: "Mon...horny gak dijilat dewi persik di kolam renang
cuma pake bikini...."

Ramon: "...ehmmm....hehehe"

and we all know that means "YES"

oh man i miss tristan so badddd
come home soooonnnn!!!!

ps: possibility to interview The Radio Dept.
26 april di Bandung


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