Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 3.6.8 (Click 5 interview n concert)

so the day started when i went to
JW Mariott
with O Channel crew.
Met Alexa
they were gonna do the opening act :)
these are sum of the pics
me n uchie *as if* a hug fan haha
with Karina in the mid hehe

with Fajar Alexa (abis manggung langsung nonton hehe)
sandra, and another uChie

the night was great 'till taufik n uchie made me
(forced me dragged me)
to take pic with radja
frikkin gross
but i did it anyway
the interview with Joey haha
he's so funny!!!
the other one is ben.
they're both really cool.
so the day went great.

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