Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paramore Concert

(img courtesy : @sashigandarum )

Went to the cocert pretty much 'go show', Rikas and I were lucky enough coz Taufik got 2 tix to sell on the spot for Fest A and he sold it really cheap. hahaha. The concert was rockin' and i loved it! I frikkin danced like crazy! and

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My twenty-somethin' B'day! + different gangs + new ink!

it's funny how different circle of friends randomly showed up almost at the end of my b'day time, it was fun! i love em all.

Thats me, almost at the end of the b'day time. 11.45 pm hahaha another surprise from Togi, Yani, iil, sashi, randy, lola, and risa <3

Thats me 12.00am at pelataran senayan, a lil lovely surprise from Mya,Sashi,Ajeng and Onnie <3

so i survived 27 yo, because of Him.

re-done this one.

oh i can handle pain. :p thank you all of you who sent me all the love, i feel the love!!! ps: my morning starts with geng Mya, then gym with JO and Rikas (that's a bit of a surprise since both of em were there my 2 fave boys in da world), Risa went to make tats with me, and i close the day with half of the scoopies and tris. Awesome! Oh parents as well :p and

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yogyakarta (Mya's b'day trip and beach trip + accident)

Just like any other of my trips, IT WAS FUN and mos def..... CRAZY! This Yogya trip was actually Mya's birthday trip. went there to see the beach and temples, and cultures and all. We went to see Ramayana Dance, Ratu Boko temple, Prambanan temple, Ullan sentalu museum, Sadranan Beach, went for a culinary trip for sure and on our 3rd day Nay got hit by a motorbike!!! Gosh dayum i thought she was dead on the street. it was intense and Mya and i started going nuts to the driver, and turns out she's alive!!! well... with a lot of injuries but live! It was one heck of a trip!

Partner in crimes: Mya Santosa, Nadia Sahara, Sashi Gandarum. and