Monday, June 23, 2008

sex and the city (the movie)

So i watched SATC
a bit cheezy at the part where
Carrie forgot the password and turns out
it's L O V E from the key chain.
but it's forgivable since i love the movie.
now THAT's MY gurls!
those are the help for me

the whole SATC thingy kinda made me a bit sad tho...
not sad coz the movie is sad
just coz i miss my girls so much.
esp. Inge...haven't seen her for the past 2 damn years!
thats crazy!!!!
gonna meet up with the girls probably next weekend
in less than 6 months marge is gonna have a baby
hahaha...and we're still in our 20s.
but i loveee that movie!!!!
i miss karawaci!!! haha

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