Friday, June 27, 2008

not frustrated

Crazy as its gonna sound
But I do miss being a bit frustrated. Miss having crazy
Feelings coz that's where all the inspiration came to my head.
Miss being paranoid.
Haha man I am one hell of a weird chick eh?

Monday, June 23, 2008

sex and the city (the movie)

So i watched SATC
a bit cheezy at the part where
Carrie forgot the password and turns out
it's L O V E from the key chain.
but it's forgivable since i love the movie.
now THAT's MY gurls!
those are the help for me

the whole SATC thingy kinda made me a bit sad tho...
not sad coz the movie is sad
just coz i miss my girls so much.
esp. Inge...haven't seen her for the past 2 damn years!
thats crazy!!!!
gonna meet up with the girls probably next weekend
in less than 6 months marge is gonna have a baby
hahaha...and we're still in our 20s.
but i loveee that movie!!!!
i miss karawaci!!! haha

Friday, June 20, 2008


can't believe it's been a year
since my year of VJ Hunt!!!!
it's been A YEARRR!!!!!
time flies and shit its fast.
so me n the other alumni were there
i miss those people!
we kinda were in a little reunion..
check this out!

the ex vj ladies haha

with the guys too!!!

oh man
it was fun!!!
and i didnt know who won this year
we were too busy gossippppinggg!!!


story of the year n your favorite enemy

it's prolly one of the best concert
this year.
i know they're emo or whatever u wanna
label their music.
but the rocked that night!
I didnt know much about Story of the year's songs before
but i sure love their performance that night
and they're amazingly humble.

the interview went great.
they were really cool and funny
like all of them were.
group pic.
look at adam n phill
and these are
your favorite enemies
from canada
they opened for SOTY
and they're all nice!!!

yeah that was it tho.
my O Clip team is the greatest!
3 chicas n we covered
both rock bands

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i miss my tristan zorn

Haha I went shopping with cas, rudy n his sister at grand indo tday.
And bought me a pair of jeans hehe.
And tris went to singapore tday n gonna stay at feroze.
Things been really good with both of us
which I'm so happy for.
And more pics coming up.
I'm gonna sleep now.
Luv cee

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 3.6.8 (Click 5 interview n concert)

so the day started when i went to
JW Mariott
with O Channel crew.
Met Alexa
they were gonna do the opening act :)
these are sum of the pics
me n uchie *as if* a hug fan haha
with Karina in the mid hehe

with Fajar Alexa (abis manggung langsung nonton hehe)
sandra, and another uChie

the night was great 'till taufik n uchie made me
(forced me dragged me)
to take pic with radja
frikkin gross
but i did it anyway
the interview with Joey haha
he's so funny!!!
the other one is ben.
they're both really cool.
so the day went great.

Senin 2.6.8 Studio time n Ramon's bday

went to record some stuff with risa
at Firecats
finally doing some musics :)
then flew *as if* to PIM for Ramon's bday!
here are sum pics!
B'day boi!

it's not like what u think it is tho!
(thanks yani for the pics :))

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


my gosh!
another exhausting week is coming!
can't escape nowhere.
i'm talking about work and all sort of
from Monday to the next monday
that includes saturday and sunday.
take voc with risa this Monday
The click 5 and Story of the Year interview
and concert starting today to thrusday.
sisi kota on Friday
and now i cant remember what to do on the weekend
but i know i have something though.
and now im still at the office
gonna go to JW Mariott for the click 5.
Ramon's birthday yesterday
geng go went to sushi groove.
was FUN!
pics coming up (next week im too lazy now haha)
'sup y'all!