Monday, November 22, 2010

Mr. International 2010

Well, these passed two days i've been wearing killer high heels. And believe me, it hurts my feet. Anyway, since Yani was the host for Mr. International and she dragged me and Nadine to Indochine (Oh plus Soraya), so we partied. Man it's been a while since i last partied...cant even remember when. Anyway, yeah, we partied with them cute boys... :) on the pic below are mr.Brazil, Spain, and Turkey.

and my personal favorite was ...France lol.

awesomeness and had a great night with my sexy ladies :p (Nay if you are reading this, marry marry marry!!! lol)

Monday, November 15, 2010

So, i had a photo shoot today. Yohan Hendriana was the photographer. And we are trying to pull off the 'sadness and time' theme. And this is how it looks.

hope you like it.

ps: after seeing the pic, my friend told me i should cast for a horror movie. lol

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I dont know what to say

This is probably the first time in my life when i feel like writing but i dont really know what to write about. I wanna write something about love but it feels so overrated. I wanna comment on the Facebook movie i just watched but i dont really feel like it either. I might wanna tell you some stories about my friends but, drama is all there is. So... im not really gonna say anything. this is gonna be a boring entry.

Oh, maybe there is something. Next month, on TARA 4 Finale, Yani, Nadine, Soraya and I are going to Singapore. It's the finale and zook out. Funny eh, i dont really do zook out. But maybe this time i just need to go. Then next February we are going to go to Philippines. The ladies are hittin your country! watch out now!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My New Show Extreme Tuners !!!

For the passed six months i've been shooting for Discovery Turbo's new show. It was fun and a hard work at the same time. We finished the 13th episode last Friday and i am glad we've done it. The crew and the team has been really awesome on helping me out being their host.

Like seriously, i have to get my hands dirty every time. I'm pretty sure now i can have my own workshop! lol

And the last episode we were talking about roll cage. And by that, it means i have to test drive this buggie! on rocks!!!

It was pretty crazy!!! But it was fun at the same time. So now all you need to do is wait 'till its aired next month on Discovery Turbo. Yeyah!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Go Explore

dear friends, help me, i'm addicted!
I cant put this book down!
I gotta say Indra wrote it for you to be easy to read.
Inspired from this book i'm gonna start exploring Indonesian beaches,
and then envy him for having a very cool job.

Ada satu chapter, judulnya 'Jadi Laki-Laki harus kuat', it slapped me hard coz i
just wrote 'a strong woman' the day before i read it.
So i Ping-ed him...

Cheryl: OMG Ndra! Sumpah gue nggak jiplak elo, tapi kalo lo baca 'A Strong woman' itu miriiip banget sama 'Jadi laki-laki harus kuat'
Indra: Gilaa gue bikin itu tahun 2005, but it can relate to anyone sih.
CHeryl: i know, and sadly i am that kinda person :(
Indra: Strong Leo, Careless aquarian
Cheryl: Tapi jadinya disembarangin orang terus :(
Indra: Lo nggak menderita kan dengan disembarangin itu, karena lo lebih kuat dari rasa sakitnya, so its a balance.
Cheryl: Maybe, i'm not sure myself at this moment tho...hehe mellow deh, kampret!
Indra: Flirt with somebody! It'll strenghten your self's pride.
Cheryl: I Should! you're right! I dont like this feeling so i'll fight it.
Indra: Embrace it, mellowness is fun, it triggers your creativity!

It's so true, here's what i wrote:
Mellow bikin kreatif memang, biarpun kadang saya lebih berharap waktu normal juga saya bisa sekreatif sekarang.

Anyways, so if you people wanna read something light, honest, a bit radical,
less sane and originally fun, grab this book:

Go Explore by Indra Febriansyah

image courtesy:

Abnon does produce great people, eh? lol