Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mau nonton ALEXA!!!

yeah yeah was talking to Rissa yesterday
after our show and maybe we'll be making
a BAND!!!
and i don't know how many bands i'll be having
since my dearly ex bf mario called me up the day before
and ask if i would wanna be the bass player of his new band.
i can't stop cracking up!!!

mario said 'supaya hidup gue lebih berarti mending
ikutan jadi basis di band barunya yang namanya Epic'
and i cant believe i even said im gonna give it a shot.
sementara dia bosen jadi basis terus
padahal menurut gue he was great waktu jadi basisnya
Sajama Cut.
im a band whore haha

below is the pic of geng ringgo (minus ringgo reva)
on our own premiere of tali pocong perawan

and im about to go to senayan city
mau nonton Alexa
Yaniiii are u coming?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh i miss tristan ahaha

so basically tristan went to NZ for 2 weeks
and im staying in this shit hole
doing works n all sort of.
hung out with geng ringgo without ringgo ironically
watched tali pocong perawan
i cant believe dewi persik literally LICKED Ramon!!!
Ramon was sitting beside me in the theater
n i was like... "DIJILAT CING!!!"
and he was just laughing....then i couldnt help but ask

Cheryl: "Mon...horny gak dijilat dewi persik di kolam renang
cuma pake bikini...."

Ramon: "...ehmmm....hehehe"

and we all know that means "YES"

oh man i miss tristan so badddd
come home soooonnnn!!!!

ps: possibility to interview The Radio Dept.
26 april di Bandung


Friday, April 4, 2008

i interviewed John Taylor from duran duran!

woooah this is pretty exciting!
i woke up this morning when my PD called
n told me im gonna have an interview with john taylor
on my show today!
and he was really cool n nice.
so it went great!!
that made my day!