Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bieber's concerto with lil couz :)

It was fun, i'm not a fan, but I enjoyed that kiddo's concert. Funny when JB dragged a Lucky chick on stage and Selena Gomez suddenly appeared on the left side of the stage (where i sat) and my lil couz was soooo upset. hahahaha.... She said she hate Selena. I said, relaxxx...and me and Sarah started laughing coz we felt like that probably 10 years ago for Hanson bros. lol. and

OMG I forgot to update the Lombok Beach last January!!!

So there's the pics fellaz. I totally forgot that i promised to update the pics. well, these pics was taken in Kuta- Lombok. I took pics of the kids that was selling bracelet...they were funny! anyway, I cant wait to leave to Holland and New York 2 weeks from now. I so can't wait. and

Saturday, April 23, 2011


so when i interviewed Santana, his bodyguard Sean, is Justin Bieber's bodyguard as well. He told me how this JB-fever is so overrated in the US. I told him, that fever is happening IN MY HOUSE! (No! it's not me, it's my lil cousin). She's 12 and well, being a sister that i am, i gave her the JB concert tix and she wouldn't stop screaming. (It got me thinking 'did i do anything wrong? hahaha just joking). And oh well, if it's not me, who else is gonna go and watch the concert with her? She flipped when she heard the news bieber got here with Gomez (LOL Wtf...anyway)...i found it funny! just like seeing myself years ago going to Hanson concert! anyway, have fun at the concert tomorrow peeps! Stay safe!

(That's Sean) and

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3rd indo beach trip - Karma Kandara

i basically went there alone and did a bit of meditation. All is well now. All is well. I love this place a lot really! speaking of Bali i had a greaatttt time walking down the beach in the middle of the night. It was frikkin fuuun!!! and

Saturday, April 16, 2011

PMS drama

I had the world's most dramatic PMS ever! it was yesterday when i found out i've had vertigo two days in a row, low blood pressure and lots of work at the office but then i finished pretty early so i wasnt that tired to sleep. when i reached home the whole thought of the dissasters that happened last december-january came back into my head. I. Was. Not. Happy. It pushed me off the edge and I messed up so much. I just messed up and didnt really know who to talk to. that was one of the worst feeling ever. I need to make peace with my self. and

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hills

And my journey this time (in exchanged of beach for the month) I went to The Hills. Mountains and cold breezy weather. This is sort of unusual for me, since I dont really go to mountains. I'm a beach person. But honestly, i found peace there for a while. I love the fact that the air was so clean, fresh, and everything was green. sanctuary place. and

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ROTI Concert pics by M.Asranur

I frikkin' LOVE these pics!!! and

I need this!

I need to go back to the beach.
I didnt go last month means i have to go this month!
Yeyaaaah haha gotta rock the bikini again and get tanned. and


Seriously the passed two weeks i forgot how it felt to sleep.
Been working for LoCal, shootings, radio show and all, and dude...i realized after the Gig was done, i wanna sleep!!!
And i did. I fell asleep at 9pm then woke up 9am today!!!
That means i slept for 12 hours straight!!!
Next stop, one more gig to go then i'll be going to New York and Holland!!! and

Arabian Serenade

The shootings
Fashion Show by Delirium
The crew :p
The set
Belly Dancers
Meryl and I were checking the tables

I am so proud of my team LoCal.
And the whole crew behind it who supported us for this first gig at
#Sweetmomentplanner by @Tropicanaslim
We didn't even think we can pull it off!
These are the pics where we decorated the venue to the belly dancers,
the judges, the targets, the fashion show, the whole gig and the shootings.
Seriously, this is just like the Apprentice...really tired and frustrated
but it surely paid off at the end of the day! and

Monday, April 4, 2011


black nail polish...i'm a fetish of it!
big rings!
Oh my gosh...these are my addiction!
Anyways, i feel like punching people's face with this yo! and