Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My family caught in an accident

oh gosh!
mum asked if i wanted to go to the hospital today coz my grandma needs a check up after her surgery.
but i was too tired n i kinda didn't feel right to go so i stayed.
then a few hours later dad came into my room and said mom, tante ayie and my grams had an accident.
turns out it wasn't them yg kecelakaan tapi ada orang naik motor,
nabrak truk disebelah kanan jalan dan keseret masuk ke kolong mobil nyokap.
Yang nyetir tante ayie.
dan emang bukan ditabrak,
dia yang keseret masuk ke kolong mobil.
and you know how indonesians are right?
they STARED!
no help no nothing but staring.
waktu nyokap meriksa orang ini abis ditarik dari kolong
it was blood everywhere coz he broke almost all the bones he has
his ear almost gotten cut off.
dan akhirnya mereka yang bawa ke RS.
(U know if it was me i dont know if i would do the same...taking other's responsibility with big chance we're gonnabe the one to blame)
keluarga yg dikabarin berdoa.
me n my cousin were not worried at all
somehow i had faith that everything was going to be ok.
dan bener,
keluarganya baik semua
dan istrinya orang ini ternyata pernah jadi murid nyokap.
setelah ditungguin di ICU n scan kepala
mom, grams n t.ayie went back home.
gak ada yg meninggal
gak ada yg dikeroyokin orang (seperti biasanya disini)
gak ada yg diperes
but one thing for sure
motor di Jakarta emang parah.
above all that though...
God has been so good to my fam
and thats an amazing grace.


lovely ulfie said...

i'm sorry about the accident!
i <3 your blog thoughhh =]
and this is the best line in this post:
"and you know how indonesians are right?
they STARED!
no help no nothing but staring."

i think i know exactly what you mean =]
hop in to my blog sometimes! =]

Ceezallthat! said...

haha thx babe :) but its so true ey? i'll be checking on it sweet!