Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back Street Boys HAHA!

look at that hot stuff haaaahaaaa
i am so guilty!

say i've been giving all of you so many stuffs about me
(for the past week i guess)
that for some people they'll take the piss about it.
and this time is,
yes i went to the BSB concert hahaha!
fucking hell so many homos were watching that shit.
but you know what,
i LOVE it! (not the homo part, but the BSB part)
hahaha (yea yea start laughing with me please)
Nick was hot as. haha
i cant believe i just wrote all this.
overall i think their show was great :p


yansta said...

i missed it!
ugh! they were great yaaa???
nyebeliiinnnn =P

Ceezallthat! said...

iyaaa handal bgt hahaha ntar deh di post lg bbrp fotonya abis kmrn ngantuk bgt haha eeeehhh kamyu udah pulaaannngggg!!! hows BKK?