Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kuala Lumpur (Veve's B'day Nov '12)

So the girls are back! Hitting KL City again, this time for Veve's 125th b'day! Woot woot! It was a lot of fun, kinda like amazing race to be exact. why? Ok so here's the story. Day 1, Nov 24th '12 Veve and I went to the airport 5am, had breakfast, then flew to KL. Where Risa was meeting us at KLCC airport coz she flew from Singapore after Sigur ros concert the night before. We got there, checked in with the help of Ean Hitz, we checked in to Impiana. Drop the luggages, walked down town, had some culinary fest for ourselves where i ate nasi briyani and the indian food, gosh dayum it was soooo gooodd!!! lol. Never had indian food that good in Jtown. Then went back to the hotel, wanted to take a nap but didn't, we ended up watching Malay's sinetron. lol hillaaarious! Then by afternoon, Nana Era and Simba and his gf picked us up, we were preparing for Veve's bday surprise. We got to syah alam (yeah, suburb area thanks to D'masiv band's hotel), had dinner where the boys from D'Masiv came and sang for her as a surprise. Veve was extatic! Priceless! Then we went downtown, to Library, Shac Era and his friends came and join, then we just had some awesome moment i might not able to write here. hahahaha... went back to the hotel at 5 am. I had too much to drink. Day 2, Nov 25th '12 Slept all frikken day. But dinner time, simba, shac, etc picked us up. karaoke niteee! The thing is we were gonna have 7am flight the day after, and we forgot all about it. so karaoke finished at 4am, went to the hotel just to grab the luggages, then airport!!! andddd... we ... missed .. our ...flight! LMAO!!! Imagine the hangover while trying to catch the next flight was .... awesome. We managed though... Day 3, Nov 26th '12 Landed in Jtown, Veve and I took a cab while Risa rode an ojek straight to the studio. Her show starts at 1, it was already 12! I got home then went straight to Depok, i got a presentation in my class later in the eveneing, while veve went home then back to airport coz she had to host in Surabaya in the evening. There goes our hangover amazing race days! It was fun! and

(Recap Posts) Last Episode of Radio Show TV One

Radio Show TV One memang udah selesai, tapi gue belum sempet ngomong apapun soal ini. Being part of the history of indie music show in Indonesia i am actually really proud. Awalnya manager gue, Mike nelfon di suatu hari di bulan Juni, katanya orang TV One ada yang mau nyari host buat Radio SHow. kebetulan gue sama Caesar Gunawan lagi ngehost untuk Liga Spanyol dan slotnya muncul di Radio Show malem itu. Selang seminggu, dipanggilah gue untuk meeting dan syuting Radio Show episode pertama barengan sama Kang Sandy Pass Band. Then the rest is just history … it was a show where i can be myself, with music that i love. Apalagi berani banget nih naikin musik-musik yang nggak mainstream. Mulai dari geng potlot, Beatles Night, Mocca, dan band-band indie dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia manggung disini. Sayangnya keseruan harus berakhir tanggal 14 Oktober kemaren, semua host dikumpulin untuk shooting episode terkahir Radio Show. Dari Kang Sandy, Jimmy Upstairs, Buluk Superglad, R.Djangkaru, Anita Mae, Dennie Sakrie, etc ngumpul untuk ‘rusuh’ terakhir kalinya. Begitu selesai, gue pulang bareng Djangkaru, yang bilang ‘Okee Cher, besok kita move on…’ I guess thats what life is all about. Everything, they come and they go. Moving on from a great family that i've been a part of for quite a while, seems a bit surreal. But having the whole crazy memories, (especially the birthday surprise on the show) is one thing i could never forget! Tapi twitter yang masuk ke gue nggak berenti-berenti, pake hashtag #Saveradioshowtvone pula. jadi terharu kan hehehe… but thank you to all the hosts, the team yang udah ngasih kesempatan untuk jadi bagian dari sejarah musik Indonesia, dan semua penonton setia. Semoga musik Indonesia tetap jaya! Cheryl Marella.
The host bidding farewell
My Last episode
My first episode and

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Word...Love

I've been telling myself that i do not wanna fall in love, or all sort of, because i can't afford a brokenhearted feeling. Those feelings when you feel like you are breathing fire every time you inhale and exhale that so called oxygen. But it's not life if you can plan everything as you wished right? Some people i've let go in the past, are back in the present. I am not too sure what for. But that tickles a bit of my fancy. There has to be an answer to this, only not right now. Maybe i just need a little patient. And let things flow. Because who knew, somebody actually drew a smile back to my face. :) and

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Went nutz with the cousin in Holland...again

So, i went back to see the family in Holland again this year. My cousin Dennis text me on my arrival day saying 'i'm taking you out clubbing tonight?' (please take note that i had just arrived from an 18 hours long of flight) hahaha he didn't take no for an answer. So we met at Sciphol Airport. It felt good to finally reunited. And he sent an email to Amsterdam Supper Club. They had this 'Monday Party', he said on his email 'My friend from a huge radio station in Jakarta arrived today, and she's gonna write about this party, so invite us!' (Which they did, and which is why i'm writing this down now) ...the party was great, the DJs were awesome. On top of all we went out breaking the don't judge, it's legal to be high in's the survival kit for the country is way down under the sea, gotta get high to stay alive they say! (That's the DJ we emailed) and

The Italy Trip as a Gladiator, The Vatican and The Tourist

So this is one of the best trip ever. believe it or not, the partner in crimes were my parents. Ain't they awesome! We flew with Easy Jet from Amsterdam (it's one of the budget airlines, and i loved it, very recommended), landed in Rome and started exploring. One thing i realized about Italy is: NO BODY IS UGLY! EVERYONE'S HOT! Oh my goodness! hahahaha! Next destination was the Vatican. Went to see the pope. Oh and by the way, every where in Rome is all about AS ROMA the football club. I was hoping i bumped into Totti! hahahaha And the last was Venice. It was a wonderful sight being there. Amazing journey and my parents are the best travelers! and >

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wow Extreme Tuners Second Rerun on Discovery Turbo!

Rikas text me the other day saying the show is back on the air on Discovery Turbo! Ha! Got all excited i gathered pics from some episode compilation... Yeah boy! I did all that crazy shits! hahahaha Maybe i was actually born a dude. LOL Enjoy the show fellazzz! and

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Growing Up not Down.

They say people change, i think it's more than just true. I remember when i was way younger i used to think Pink is a great color. But now I think red and black are the best color. But that's just a philosophy. Pink is a bright and soft color, I was a kid, nothing had touched or hurt me yet. Come to this timeline, where i've been through a lot, things had changed, love, trust, loss, life, death and everything in between made me who I am now. I have no other option but to stay strong. It's either fight or defeated. SO i guess being defeated is never been my option.

Growing up means i have to accept flaws and fix it. Not just the flaws of people around me, but most of all, my own flaws. It means I also have to find way coping with loss, betrayal (this is way harder if it came from the people you trust the most), broken heart, and how to get back up after you fell hard.

But I guess the school we are in, which is this world, teaches us to be either a fighter or a loser. And for damn sure i wont be a loser. I will never gonna live in denial, If i love or hate something I will say it. I wont be fooling myself with bullshits, and if other people can't handle this, then good, i'll know which one is worth fighting for, which assholes i need to just drop it like its hawt. lol

all and all my friends, life is a lesson. If you cant change a situation, change the way you look at it and be fine. Coz whatever it is, if it didn't happen, then it's not meant to happened, move on.

cee and

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Be Strong and Take Courage

I was talking to a friend about how i thought 'this is so unfair, i was doing great before i hit another rock bottom' but he said 'no, it's good actually, knowing that

you're still alive'. He's got a point. I mean, i've been through this so many times. Those goodbyes, letting go, heartache, feeling upset, pain and betrayal, I just need to switch my mind so it will encourage myself to be strong and just walk on by. I keep telling myself that it's for the best, and best thing that will happened is that i'll grow thicker skin. Then i went to church and a youth ministry two days in a row, the preachers were preaching about 'Being strong and take courage', it hits me hard.

There are always choices whenever we are dealing with pain, is to grieve and grieve endlessly, or to just get back up again, face it, get over it, move on. I guess i'm taking the second option. Whats done IS done. Even all the damage is done. I shall not blame anyone, coz whatever happened already happened. So it's a new challenge of finding myself in the crowded feelings inside. And I only know one way to get there, is by surrender completely to God. Two days in a row i've listened about being strong, courage, Love and faith-ful. I bet those are the answers for me. Get back on my feet and push it through.

I know me pretty well. My friends said i'm very expressive. When I'm happy, sad, angry or depressed, everyone can tell. I just don't hide feelings. So i've been having my grieving moment, but I guess I can't do this too long. The clock is ticking, there are so many blessings that i didn't realized happens around me, I need to focus on that, and back to living this life to the fullest. Although some perspective had changed, but you are seeing a stronger woman standing here, and none of you can bring me down again. I won't let you.

Cee. and

Saturday, March 17, 2012

True Blue Friend

It's funny how life blessed you with friends. Those who i called 'Superheroes' in life. The loved ones who can point me my mistakes by saying 'you idiot! you need to stop it!' or 'what the hell are you doing? get outta there!' - because they love me for me. Always there in my worst time of life, and will get high with me when life is good. Pure souls. And it's magical how sometimes you can even fall in love with them unexpectedly. And losing a best friend hurts twice as bad as losing a bf. Even if its just losing them maybe for a while. But that's when friendship is put on a test. if we can go through it then all iz well. But i guess only God can tell who stays who leaves. So i'm just gonna keep on praying for my lovely friends to be blessed all the way. and


i have tons of pics, only now i'm too sleepy to upload them. but basically yesterday 5uparoti Concerto was the bomb yo! 4.500 orang di JCC dan 16.000 live stream hits. Dear Lord, again, thank You for letting me be a part of this family! 7 days before the gig the tension at the office was crazy. we were about to kill each other (thank God nothing ever happened). But yeah, at the D-Day we were just having so much fun! It was teh Tike's farewell from the morning show. Jak's b'day and new logo launching. it was hugeeee and i'm so proud! Thank you to all the talented musician Project Pop, Pay Vanya Irang, Anugrah Aditya, Ello, Cherrybelle, RAN and the Orchestra. It was offff thaaa hook baby!!! I love my job, I love my team and the loyal listeners! and

Taub Mumu bikin galau lengkap.

Ceritanya di backstage 5uparoti Concerto kemaren, sambil soundcheck, Ello was playing a tune from Taub Mumu, (back then i haven't heard the whole album yet so i didn't know the song) but when he sang a bit of it and the lyric was ...deep, i instantly asked 'what song is this? I want your album!' hahahaha he gave me Taub Mumu.

The next day, on my way to JCC, listened to the album track by track.
track 1: oh oke i know this one, ngebeat. Ello banget.
track 2: err...agak mellow
track 3: gak kayak mantanmu
track 4, track 5, lalu sampe di track 8 ("seperti dulu" , the song he sang the day before) ....... album ini galau sekali. In a good way. i mean, not in a menye2 way, tapi sesuai judul lah 'buat umum', semua orang pernah ngerasain.

Cher: PING!!! Gue dengerin seperti dulu *nyetir naik ke trotoar mode on* tanggung jawaaab aaah!!!! hahaha
Ello: hahahahahahaha serius? Kenapaaa?
Cher: well, the lyrics explained already. haha *ketawa nyinyir* but out of how many hearts you've touched, you've touched mine with this song dude. and

Saturday, March 10, 2012

In Love with You

Jamie told me the other day, that i need to check out on this video of her singing Erykah Badu's in love with you tune, then i did, and i almost cried. The fact that i love this song a lot and the lyrics is really deep, and how i really know how Jamie feels right now, feeling what i'm feeling, being in love and all the dramas. Oh well... and

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skywalker, The One that Got Away.

How far would you go for the one you love?
Right, being impulsive that I am, I don’t think I could really answer that question. But I do have a story. If you think you’ve seen that ‘One Day’ movie and said ‘there’s no way that kinda thing really happened in real life’ well, you’re wrong.

Thank God so far my story doesn’t end with the chick died after a truck hit her, but, I’m actually talking about time and timing. I really think when you love someone; you just have to say it, loud and clear. No ‘reading between the lines’ crap. Because some people, don’t read lines too well. (I’m one of them).

Now let’s ride in my time machine to the year 1996, where we were all awkward teenagers in baggy pants. I met this guy at a Christmas party (my side of story), he has his own moment of ‘meeting me the first time’, but the official first time I entered the ‘gang’ with him filling my world from then on, I was in a loose blue shirt, baggy pants and a pair of frikken Air Walk. (If I knew that it was a fashion crime tragedy, I’d shoot myself that day!) So, who knew that he thought that chick in baggy pants was cute enough for him to start calling almost every night?

I had my eyes locked exactly on December 6th 96. Fast Forward to High School, after passing through years of watching football matches, small fights, and not really knowing how either one of us felt for each other, we moved on to other love. Turns out the story didn’t end just like that. It was pretty much an on and off thingy, never official, but I think we both know chemistry been working its magic long enough to make us sticking to each other as great friends. Then after 9 years, a slight of chance was back in our path. 2005. Somehow, we let it slide. Maybe it was my bad. Maybe it was his. Or maybe it’s just fate.

2011, another end of the year. We met. We laughed. We shared. Fingers locked. Lips locked. Chemistry was burning as if that wasn’t 15 years later since we’ve met. But He’s got love, and about to settle down. Love was the word we’ve been waiting to hear from one another, and in the 16th year the word was out in the open. The air is clearer. But, even this time, we need to let this slide again. Slide to the road where no one knows when will be the end. Or should this be called the end.

"Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi's life, so you might say we're encouraged to love" -Anakin
“ I'll be happy to go with you. It'll be like... old times.” –Padme Amidala and

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

almost a decade being a radio Dj! 9 years!

1 Februari 2003 adalah hari paling memorable dalam hidup gue. Siaran perdana di MTV on SKy 101.6 FM!!! I served them as an MTV Crew to Trax Trooper for 5 straight awesome years. Waktu itu hari sabtu jam 7-10 pagi, OPP-nya namanya Ipunk, gemeteran abis sampe-sampe ngomongnya nabrak-nabrak intro lagu.

Sebulanan siaran weekend, akhirnya dikasih 1 slot di weekdays, kalo nggak salah hari rabu. Dari situ, melebar lagi jadi salah satu Crew Morning Zone barengan Kemal, Nanda dan Taufik (my bff and partner in crime still, now we both serving Jak FM, sampe kekunci di ruang siaran nahan pipis bareng hahaha) cuma untuk produser pagi sepertinya nggak kuat juga, jadi cuma beberapa bulan aja, abis itu teparrrrr.

semua jam siaran udah gue laksanakan. Mau siang, malem, subuh, saur, late night show, every frikken hour! Siaran tandem mulai dari Taufik, Dede Rama (Nidji - Zona cinta), OCha, mario Irwinsyah, Fedi Nuril, Giring, Ramon, Oka Antara (Jamz). (man, i remember every single one of them!) GOtta thanks Trax FM crew for supporting me, carrier wise, sampe masuk VJ Hunt 2007 kemaren. wheeew been a while ey!

Lucunya pas akhirnya memutuskan pindah ke Jak FM gue curhat ke Taufik, turns out dia udah dipanggil juga sama Jak hahahah!!! So we both moved 4 years ago. Di Jak pun semua jam udah gue cobain, tapi sekarang settled di senin-jumat jam 1-4 sore. Ini masuk tahun ke 5, and i think, i'm soooo glad and blessed to find this new family too. and to serve our Loyal Listeners and to learn a lot more. Guess what, you'll still be hearing a lot from me on your radio! so stay tuned people! :)

Cee. and

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Shoot

Just had a photoshoot where I can go crazy!
This is when i tell you to 'go ef yourself!' and

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in Bali and 2012 is Here!


Beaching and raining and family and friends. I love Bali my second home. Pics was taken at Balangan beach, if you're a surfer you gotta check on that beach, the waves are huge! and