Saturday, August 23, 2008


im 25 now y'all!!!
i used to sing vitamin c's song (graduation)
'...when we're gonna be when we turn 25, i keep, keep thinking that it'd never changed...'
turns out its true.
nothing really changed.
well despite that i dont have to go to school anymore
i've done my Uni time
and now working and living my childhood dreams!
everything that im doing now is everything that i really wanted to be.
so i thank God for all of this.
11 agustus 2008
Turns out geng ringgo gave me a surprise!!!
i was already at o channel about to shoot O clipwhen they arrived with cake, balloons and the geng was there.
Yani, Roro, Ringgo, Dennis, Nadia, plus O channel crew (yg kerjasama sama mreka).
i cried!!!hahaha...i was surprisedly happy though!!!*

and there goes the party on the 13th
thanks Yani for the pics!
it was at tomodachi bellagio

and the the day after my birthday
is Ringgo's 26th.
so we gave him a surprise allright!!!
love ya all peeps!
on the 12th of august
my friend's body (Grady) was released to his parents.
saw the funeral all over the news
and i was pretty upset that i cant be there.
it was held in Surabaya.
RIP Grady
we'll miss you.

me and grady back in 2007


Karina Nurunnisa said...

hello cher..

happy bday yaaa!

btw gue pindah blog..

link lagi yaa :D

Ceezallthat! said...

thank u bebe sippp di link lagi :)