Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here's to us

I feel like in a movie scene while listening to this song. Everything bout this song just robbed my soul. The last few nights indeed have kicked my ass. Hahaha thankfully my lovely high school mates and a few other best friends are just awesome. (They got their asses kicked as well, thats why!) Reunited today with Icha and Ruthie. Totally high school! They came to my apt (kinda wish Ruth would've brought me food since i got nothing in my fridge, she actually robbed whatever thats left lol). I called in sick today. Didn't go to work, my stomach hurts like hell.

So anyway we were talking and sharing and listening to this song. And we laughed and we cried and we raised our glasses and said 'F* this'. Then we laughed and laughed. Tears are probably in the back of the eyes. But i am so blessed. I thought i would never love again. I guess i thought wrong. No matter how shitty the situation is now, im still in love. And im glad that i am. I want the person i love to be happy and blessed.Cheers! Here's to us!

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