Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Italy Trip as a Gladiator, The Vatican and The Tourist

So this is one of the best trip ever. believe it or not, the partner in crimes were my parents. Ain't they awesome! We flew with Easy Jet from Amsterdam (it's one of the budget airlines, and i loved it, very recommended), landed in Rome and started exploring. One thing i realized about Italy is: NO BODY IS UGLY! EVERYONE'S HOT! Oh my goodness! hahahaha! Next destination was the Vatican. Went to see the pope. Oh and by the way, every where in Rome is all about AS ROMA the football club. I was hoping i bumped into Totti! hahahaha And the last was Venice. It was a wonderful sight being there. Amazing journey and my parents are the best travelers! and >


adeliarisyani said...

keren amat mama papanya mau digandeng kesana kemari buat traveling :D

Ceezallthat! said...

justru kebalik, gue yg digeret sama mreka haha