Saturday, March 17, 2012

True Blue Friend

It's funny how life blessed you with friends. Those who i called 'Superheroes' in life. The loved ones who can point me my mistakes by saying 'you idiot! you need to stop it!' or 'what the hell are you doing? get outta there!' - because they love me for me. Always there in my worst time of life, and will get high with me when life is good. Pure souls. And it's magical how sometimes you can even fall in love with them unexpectedly. And losing a best friend hurts twice as bad as losing a bf. Even if its just losing them maybe for a while. But that's when friendship is put on a test. if we can go through it then all iz well. But i guess only God can tell who stays who leaves. So i'm just gonna keep on praying for my lovely friends to be blessed all the way. and

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