Saturday, June 16, 2012

Went nutz with the cousin in Holland...again

So, i went back to see the family in Holland again this year. My cousin Dennis text me on my arrival day saying 'i'm taking you out clubbing tonight?' (please take note that i had just arrived from an 18 hours long of flight) hahaha he didn't take no for an answer. So we met at Sciphol Airport. It felt good to finally reunited. And he sent an email to Amsterdam Supper Club. They had this 'Monday Party', he said on his email 'My friend from a huge radio station in Jakarta arrived today, and she's gonna write about this party, so invite us!' (Which they did, and which is why i'm writing this down now) ...the party was great, the DJs were awesome. On top of all we went out breaking the don't judge, it's legal to be high in's the survival kit for the country is way down under the sea, gotta get high to stay alive they say! (That's the DJ we emailed) and

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