Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kuala Lumpur (Veve's B'day Nov '12)

So the girls are back! Hitting KL City again, this time for Veve's 125th b'day! Woot woot! It was a lot of fun, kinda like amazing race to be exact. why? Ok so here's the story. Day 1, Nov 24th '12 Veve and I went to the airport 5am, had breakfast, then flew to KL. Where Risa was meeting us at KLCC airport coz she flew from Singapore after Sigur ros concert the night before. We got there, checked in with the help of Ean Hitz, we checked in to Impiana. Drop the luggages, walked down town, had some culinary fest for ourselves where i ate nasi briyani and the indian food, gosh dayum it was soooo gooodd!!! lol. Never had indian food that good in Jtown. Then went back to the hotel, wanted to take a nap but didn't, we ended up watching Malay's sinetron. lol hillaaarious! Then by afternoon, Nana Era and Simba and his gf picked us up, we were preparing for Veve's bday surprise. We got to syah alam (yeah, suburb area thanks to D'masiv band's hotel), had dinner where the boys from D'Masiv came and sang for her as a surprise. Veve was extatic! Priceless! Then we went downtown, to Library, Shac Era and his friends came and join, then we just had some awesome moment i might not able to write here. hahahaha... went back to the hotel at 5 am. I had too much to drink. Day 2, Nov 25th '12 Slept all frikken day. But dinner time, simba, shac, etc picked us up. karaoke niteee! The thing is we were gonna have 7am flight the day after, and we forgot all about it. so karaoke finished at 4am, went to the hotel just to grab the luggages, then airport!!! andddd... we ... missed .. our ...flight! LMAO!!! Imagine the hangover while trying to catch the next flight was .... awesome. We managed though... Day 3, Nov 26th '12 Landed in Jtown, Veve and I took a cab while Risa rode an ojek straight to the studio. Her show starts at 1, it was already 12! I got home then went straight to Depok, i got a presentation in my class later in the eveneing, while veve went home then back to airport coz she had to host in Surabaya in the evening. There goes our hangover amazing race days! It was fun! and

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