Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skywalker, The One that Got Away.

How far would you go for the one you love?
Right, being impulsive that I am, I don’t think I could really answer that question. But I do have a story. If you think you’ve seen that ‘One Day’ movie and said ‘there’s no way that kinda thing really happened in real life’ well, you’re wrong.

Thank God so far my story doesn’t end with the chick died after a truck hit her, but, I’m actually talking about time and timing. I really think when you love someone; you just have to say it, loud and clear. No ‘reading between the lines’ crap. Because some people, don’t read lines too well. (I’m one of them).

Now let’s ride in my time machine to the year 1996, where we were all awkward teenagers in baggy pants. I met this guy at a Christmas party (my side of story), he has his own moment of ‘meeting me the first time’, but the official first time I entered the ‘gang’ with him filling my world from then on, I was in a loose blue shirt, baggy pants and a pair of frikken Air Walk. (If I knew that it was a fashion crime tragedy, I’d shoot myself that day!) So, who knew that he thought that chick in baggy pants was cute enough for him to start calling almost every night?

I had my eyes locked exactly on December 6th 96. Fast Forward to High School, after passing through years of watching football matches, small fights, and not really knowing how either one of us felt for each other, we moved on to other love. Turns out the story didn’t end just like that. It was pretty much an on and off thingy, never official, but I think we both know chemistry been working its magic long enough to make us sticking to each other as great friends. Then after 9 years, a slight of chance was back in our path. 2005. Somehow, we let it slide. Maybe it was my bad. Maybe it was his. Or maybe it’s just fate.

2011, another end of the year. We met. We laughed. We shared. Fingers locked. Lips locked. Chemistry was burning as if that wasn’t 15 years later since we’ve met. But He’s got love, and about to settle down. Love was the word we’ve been waiting to hear from one another, and in the 16th year the word was out in the open. The air is clearer. But, even this time, we need to let this slide again. Slide to the road where no one knows when will be the end. Or should this be called the end.

"Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi's life, so you might say we're encouraged to love" -Anakin
“ I'll be happy to go with you. It'll be like... old times.” –Padme Amidala

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