Saturday, March 17, 2012

Taub Mumu bikin galau lengkap.

Ceritanya di backstage 5uparoti Concerto kemaren, sambil soundcheck, Ello was playing a tune from Taub Mumu, (back then i haven't heard the whole album yet so i didn't know the song) but when he sang a bit of it and the lyric was ...deep, i instantly asked 'what song is this? I want your album!' hahahaha he gave me Taub Mumu.

The next day, on my way to JCC, listened to the album track by track.
track 1: oh oke i know this one, ngebeat. Ello banget.
track 2: err...agak mellow
track 3: gak kayak mantanmu
track 4, track 5, lalu sampe di track 8 ("seperti dulu" , the song he sang the day before) ....... album ini galau sekali. In a good way. i mean, not in a menye2 way, tapi sesuai judul lah 'buat umum', semua orang pernah ngerasain.

Cher: PING!!! Gue dengerin seperti dulu *nyetir naik ke trotoar mode on* tanggung jawaaab aaah!!!! hahaha
Ello: hahahahahahaha serius? Kenapaaa?
Cher: well, the lyrics explained already. haha *ketawa nyinyir* but out of how many hearts you've touched, you've touched mine with this song dude. and

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