Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Growing Up not Down.

They say people change, i think it's more than just true. I remember when i was way younger i used to think Pink is a great color. But now I think red and black are the best color. But that's just a philosophy. Pink is a bright and soft color, I was a kid, nothing had touched or hurt me yet. Come to this timeline, where i've been through a lot, things had changed, love, trust, loss, life, death and everything in between made me who I am now. I have no other option but to stay strong. It's either fight or defeated. SO i guess being defeated is never been my option.

Growing up means i have to accept flaws and fix it. Not just the flaws of people around me, but most of all, my own flaws. It means I also have to find way coping with loss, betrayal (this is way harder if it came from the people you trust the most), broken heart, and how to get back up after you fell hard.

But I guess the school we are in, which is this world, teaches us to be either a fighter or a loser. And for damn sure i wont be a loser. I will never gonna live in denial, If i love or hate something I will say it. I wont be fooling myself with bullshits, and if other people can't handle this, then good, i'll know which one is worth fighting for, which assholes i need to just drop it like its hawt. lol

all and all my friends, life is a lesson. If you cant change a situation, change the way you look at it and be fine. Coz whatever it is, if it didn't happen, then it's not meant to happened, move on.

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Anonymous said...

life is a lesson. right! but, sometimes to be able to take the core subjects is why we have to pass a sense of sadness. the flood of tears, sometimes insults from others. etc...hahaha
Kalau pembelajaran di sekolah susah kita masih bisa nyontek dikit sama temen. kL pembelajaran hidup bingung mau nyontek sama siapa. mau ngak mau harus maju pantang mundur atau kita yg tergilas oleh "roda" hidup.

-salam kenal cee-

Ceezallthat! said...

ahhh bener banget! hahaha :p

Laurentia Ratih Andhita said...

Tulisannya bagus.. :)