Sunday, February 17, 2013

That Inner Peace.

I barely post anything kinda spiritual in a blog. Yeah inner peace is pretty spiritual isn't it? Well anyway, lately everything seems to be overloading. And i am always on the edge... or burnt. Trying to keep my moodswing on the right track usually isn't that hard. But again lately, it is pretty hard. Alongside that impulsiveness in me, seems like the perfect combo to set a house on fire every night. But I managed, to not say a thing when i'm really pissed (well most of the time, and if its to the people i care about) otherwise i think i will just say whatever the heck my sharp tongue wanna say. Juggling work and school is like being a double agent. Honestly i have kissed goodbye my social life. I'm the town prisoner since school won't lemme go. Eventhough i'm leaving for Europe next week, i'm still bringing paperworks. And then i realized my complaining wont solve any case. So i chose to do the 'If you cant beat them join them - crap'. i am soooo gonna drown myself in this busyness, and just enjoy the crap outta it. Sounds like a plan huh? well my plan is to not plan anything. Go with the flow with everything. But to feel good about myself. Oh wait, i've always been feeling good about myself after the recovery. I managed to laugh about myself all the time. Yeah, so i'm suggesting you people to start doing that too. If that failed, there's always joint. LOL I am totally kidding. OMG don't be too serious people. Even the Joker died remember. Take it easy. and

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