Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Inner Peace Beneath the Clouds

A few posts ago i was talking about inner peace. I gotta say it took me around two years to find it. It was a long journey of finding your own true self. Having faith about love, life, sacrifice and everything in between. And then build yourself again after it was once (or too many) damaged. So many things in life can damaged you. Betrayal, Lies, sadness, grief, grudge, hatred, etc etc. But When you made it, you found it, you know that there's no way you will ever gonna go back down that path, ever again. But life's path is never your call. Storm will come, whether you like it or not. And when it happened, you will think that you lost that inner peace again. But I dont think so. It's still there somewhere in your heart, somewhere beneath the clouds, you only need to clear the air to find it. After all, it is already a part of you that could never be taken away by anyone. With that inner peace, you can forgive, forget, try to look at things from the big picture, not judging about anything, selfless, still love, and just be cool. (With a bit of a fight of course. Coz every storm brings its own damaged right?) The first part will be the hardest. After the second storm, even if you fell, you won't start from ground zero. Don't beat your self up. I always told myself to be still, and know that there is God. One who holds your hand, and never leave and never changed. His promises are true, and only in Him the source of your inner peace will be. To never lose faith. When we have faith we can see all His glory and blessings. Count those blessings, so we can get up and be grateful of what we have and what we don't have. Count those blessings, and help blesses others. Find comfort in each others faith. Don't hate. Don't curse. Don't hold grudge. Ease your soul. I promise you this is NOT gonna be easy. I don't remember how many times i fell. But i always get back up. Never giving up. Ever. There may be storm right now, coz i can't see clear straight to my inner peace. But i will find it again, or i will die trying. and

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