Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Change of Mindset.

So for about 2 weeks or more i've been trying to apply this whole 'being positive' and getting the positive energy and work on myself. Guess what, it turns out GREAT! Like seriously, whenever i am being grateful for even the smallest thing in life, even greater things came my way. Its so amazing. The key of doing this in what i lear are: 1. Love. To love ourself is the first thing first. To love God. To love my family and friends, to love this life, the situation im in(no matter how bad coz you know it could always be worse), to love the place im at, the work im doing, to love the haters (this gotta be the hardest, even im still learning to do it without hassitation (err did i spell it right?) Anyway... Love, and be loved. We should have that love so big and abundantly that we dont even need a love back. And love will definitely love you back. 2. Forgiveness. Sometimes we are in a very bad state because of a wrong decision we made. We should make peace with this, forgive ourself, forgive those who hurt you. You know holding grudge can seriously damaged you, hatred, revenge and all those will only hold you back from doing greater big things! You need to be in peace, then you can see clearly the path you are going. 3. Positive Mind and Attitude. If you are joyful (no more hatred, anger, pain, etc) and you can love everything around you, keep the positive attitude. Be at least positive for 51% that happened in life in a day. Not complaining too much but focus on the things you are blessed with. Coz its about time for us all to defy gravity! and

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