Wednesday, October 2, 2013

lets walk on water!

Again its beeen a while since my last post. Life has been a roller coaster ride! My life is like a movie lately, and if there is time where i can say 'life is full of surprises', its now! But can i tell you a story about a friend of mine who inspires me a lot lately?! I have never met anyone who is more positive than him. This year alone i think he's been through hell and back! I imagine putting myself in his shoes and i thought 'nah i might just die', from a devastating heartbreak to a massive car crash, i've never seen this person complained! He never did. Puts me to shame everytime im having a shitty day and starts complaining, i remember how he always laugh his problems off, jokes about it, and always having positive attitude about it. I stop complaining. I told myself to just have faith, big and strong enough faith that you could walk on water and move mountains. I refuse to complain, some shitty situations where people are just using you, leeching you, hating you, drag you down, those are just reminders, that in life, to love, and forgive are the most powerful things. And never count on anyone but you and God. If there's one more day given to you, live it large. For that day might not gonna come again, but your stories will be told till the end of the world. Love, cee. and

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