Sunday, August 23, 2009

back from the dead

so i thought i was dead. turns out i was just partially dead. lol. well it's funny now but it wasn't funny then. one day i woke up, and the world crumbled. and i was so emo i felt like i dont wanna talk to anyone at all. so i didnt log into my facebook, twitter, myspace, ym, bbm etc. i went MIA just incase i would murder someone if i didn't. *mulai lebay* tapi, setelah sekitar 5 hari menghilang dari dunia, akhirnya gue bisa hidup lagi. HA HA HA!!! senangnya. i love fighting with my self. i love breaking stupid state of minds and get my brain back on track. i dont care how long it takes, but there is no fucking way this world is going to fuck with me. heehee terlalu bersemangat kata-katanya jadi sedikit kasar. maap lahir batin yah haha. Sometimes you need some space to think, rethink, go crazy, get stressed out, feel lonely, then when you're ready, you broke the shell n came out as beautiful as a butterfly.

emotions are mind trick. You CAN change the way you think. the thing is, do you DARE changing the way you think? Sometimes we are enjoying the pain too much and we surrender to it and it leads you to this thing called 'meltdown'. If we dont always feel sorry for ourself, thinking that we are too good to have to go through something, we will survive.

if i can do this, everybody can.

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