Saturday, February 9, 2008

So this is goodbye?

i've thought that i'd feel pretty sad from leaving trax
and i am kinda sad.
it's so surreal
i didn't get the chance to say goodbye though...
karena ternyata per minggu depan gue and Taufik udah nggak siaran.
so i'll say it here
to all the people that's been working together with me,
all the djs, producers, boss
and anak trax
thank you so much for the support for the passed 5 years
it means soooo much
but since an end is always a begining of another journey
so i guess you should just wait and see
what's next from me
coz this isn't goodbye.

these are the latest pics i've taken for Soap Magz.
inside the Studio.
i'm gonna miss that place.


Selly.. Selly.. said...

Huhuhu.. sedihnyaaa.. dirimu bukan saja meninggalkan Traxfm.. tapi juga meninggalkan GJ yg notabene adl blog lama-mu..


Diriku jd 'nda bisa ngikutin cerita-cerita-mu di GJ lagi dyeeeh...

Ceezallthat! said...

selllyyyy hahaha yaampuuunnnn apa kbr? tapi gue masi ngecek gj loooh...abis sebel foto2 di gjku ilang semuaaaa huhu