Sunday, February 3, 2008


do you know how my geng ringgo will be mocking me
if they found out i'm writting this...
i text Yani before and said
i will have to add more celebrity crush on my list
and i said it's Miller.
ok y'all can start laughing your ass off with me now!
i know you wanna do it!
and that's exactly the reaction i got from Yani.
i just watch cintapuccino though,
yeah, i got the point of your 'how the heck did it happen?' quesstion
so yea.
Miller it is.
at least for the time being.
you know the list started from
Tora sudiro,
then Miller.
but it will only last a couple of days.
in other news
i just had a phone call
Ai's dad just passed away
heart attack.
im gonna have to be there for her tonight
after i drove mum to the airport
leaving for korea.
and im so nervous.
my big decision is gotta be made
wish me luck fellas.
i miss geng ringgo!
ngumpul yuks!
pada sibuk semua nihhhhh


yansta said...

this is wut i said to b exact "o god no! not him! ya ampun, abg kan bo? haha"...
hahahahahha.. ya mdh2an it'll only last for a couple of days ya.. hehehe..
btw wut big decision did u have to make ??

Ceezallthat! said...

haha iya tapi kalo gue ulang taun tolong ya surprisenya bawain miller hahahaha geli deh...well i resign frm trax just tday huhuhuhuuuuu