Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Feminine Energy

How is it actually to live as a woman? Do you have to be an alpha female? Like one of the member of Charlie's Angels? Or Victoria's secret's Angels? perfect body, perfect skin, perfect face even when you post your duckface you'll be the hottest duck faced woman ever? After being in a female body for almost 31 years, i finally came to a self awakening moment. Yes as a woman we do have to be independent (more importantly emotionally independent), but on top of all, is to be FEMININE (not feminim lol, what the hey is feminim anyway? haha). To be feminine IS to be strong. But strong in a feminine energy instead of taking a man's role. Accepting things as it as and content of her own happiness. Letting go of any insecurities, fears, and negative vibes. How do you let go of fear? As human being, we always fear something. This isn't about being a woman anymore. This is about being strong in the core. when you know whatever happens in this world, if everything you have is stripped down and you lose it all, you know you still be fine. If you don't have your career, your man/woman, your friends, you know it's not gonna change the happiness in you. You love yourself. You love yourself so much you wouldn't let anything gets you down. If you know somebody is not treating you right, you know you have to power to walk away. I was in a traffic once, motorbikes went crazy and I was getting frustrated. My mom was sitting on the passenger seat, and seeing me feeling uneasy, she said 'You know, you shouldn't let these little things affecting your joy.' She didn't even say 'happiness' but 'joy'. I told her 'how?' and she said 'Be strong at the core. content with yourself. those things out there is not within you. don't bother so much of whats not within you.' Isn't my mom amazing? Now back to being a woman, being soft, receptive and receiving is basically our gift. To radiate love and nurture are also in our nature. Doesn't matter how great is your career, and independent you are as a woman, going back to the roots is the best way to embrace being a woman itself. Take good care of your body, your spirit, eat healthy to respect your body, exercise for your health, do things that you love and make you happy. And love. Love love love. It is one of the most powerful energy in the universe. In the end, before you do anything, ask yourself first. Are you acting out of love, or out of fear? Love, cee. and

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