Friday, January 21, 2011

Put on my face

Today was the last theater practice. Tomorrow is the D DAY! Let's see how it's gonna go. I'm pretty excited. On the other note, i think i'm starting to feel a bit better. I heard a therapist said "You need to get back on the horse, but not when you're still shaken from the fall" ---MAN ITS SO TRUE!

I'll be going to Lombok, Philippines, Belitung, Europe and US this year. So who knows right?! I know i'm gonna have to hit the bottom ground before making a quantum. So God bless everyone who beat me up badly and put me in all these mess, but hey, i dont have time for hating. All i can do is move forward. Learning from all my mistakes, and how people will constantly brings you down, but I always know how to get back up. Stronger than ever.

I wish everyone all the very best. And will you excuse me, I have a life to do. and

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