Saturday, January 15, 2011

baby steps

I think i have to take baby steps on everything. I firstly need too learn how to breathe again. NOthing seems to be right. But i know i am not the only one. I just need to stay positive, and in this case, God blessed me with awesome friends. How everybody at work became family and let me junked my crazy thoughts into creative stuff for my show. How Tasya suddenly took me to a theater class yesterday and got me wrote a bit of the script and we are going to perform it at British International School NEXT FRIDAY! (that is crazy!)

How everyone just being supportive including my lovely mother. I cant say much but im hoping i will released a book this year. and while searching for school overseas, see if i can get lucky in other country. Anyway, baby steps for now, but i will be putting on that dancing shoes again, real soon my friends. Face the music and dance. and

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