Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Follow my what?

I've been making myself busy with theater practice. My character is a dumb blond. Not too hard to do lol *since im in a very dumb state right now*
Went to Sisca's place at Shangri La and had some wine (which made me a bit buzzed at the practise...dang i drank a bit too much haha that was so wrong. wont happened again. promise)
Other than that, just being in the studio, screw up some shiz and screw up some more. lol im joking again.

And oh my gosh man! i cant stop eating. guess that's me when im under pressure. I need to bring my heart and brain at the same time. and just stop screwing my heart out. heart and brain. I usually carry my heart and feelings. Mostly forgot where the brain and mind hehe. wont happened again. promise. pinky frikkin promise.

next stop, im gonna join the Whatever Anonymous.

'Hi I'm Cheryl Marella, and i'm a love addict'
'If i wasnt a radio dj i'd be a CSI. Or...you can call me..Crazy'

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