Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh i hate taxi!

yup. i hate taxy.
i went shooting by frikkin' blue bird
'the best taxy in town'
and the driver took me around fucking
south Jakarta n i never made it
to the place i told him to go!
and i had to pay 100rb for that shit!
im about to file complain to blue fucking bird!

and then last night,
i forgot my clothes, make up bag,
and charger in roro's car.
so i gotta go to her place
today after my show.

I hate Taxi part 2
Jan 25th 2008
I was just in the middle of this city's
friggin' traffic when a
number MM 023
scratched the left side of my car.
Starting from the back door to the front of my car.
I tried to tell the guy to pull over but he ran away.
so i called the taxy pool and told them i'm gonna
b*tch slap them ass for this.
so i on aired it on my show
and i'm gonna send complain to news papers.
don't ever ride MANUK MIRA TAKSI!

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