Sunday, January 27, 2008

Putt putt day & R.I.P Soeharto

Putt Putt
Somehow Madison made me agree
on going to putt putt on the weekend.
and i, my friend, really sucked on that game
big time!
you can tell from the way i stand
that i actually scored 5!
(and by 5, i meant it wasnt good)

and Tristan,
was actually good at it.
i know that he is though hehe

Group pic.
well, that was my first time doing it.
and it was actually kinda fun.
went Bowling after that and
yea i sucked.


in the other news,
RIP Bp. Soeharto

you know i never really hate him.
actually i never did hate him at all
i think he just breed bad seeds
really bad childrens of his.

just thinking how Indo people are hypocrites.
they've been saying shit about him
and cursing him,
and now after he died,
they said all the nice things he had done.
get outta here!!!
at least when i said i'm giving my condolances
that comes from my heart


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