Monday, January 21, 2008

Dawson's creek ;p

call me crazy,
but i bought Dawsons creek last weekend
just for the sake of 'the good old highschool days'
thats been fading away from my memories.
and damn it i miss being in HS and all my friends there.
mellodramatic me.
i miss being rebellious in school
and studying for exam (tho i cheated alot hahaha)

in other story...
i am glad.
on the 1st of Feb,
me n tris are going to celebrate our
1st year anniversary.
after having all those crazy n stupid relationships
in the past, struggled with stupid guys,

unfaithful guys, dramatic relationships,
different religion, long distance thigy,
and just plain failure in relationships i had before,
now im with the guy i love, and normal.
and i've never been this happy before.

thats my guy!


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