Sunday, March 27, 2011

MGMT (Soundshine - Beatfest 2011)

What happened today is that i'm just being crazy. I went to MGMT's concert ticketless and alone. I was just like "wth, let's just go there and buy the tix and just see if there's anyone I know", and I met my friend Robby and I asked him if he'd accompany me buying tix when he said 'Oh my friend aint coming, you can use his tix, it's an invitation so it's free" OMG! I was destined to come lol.

And when they played KIDS - the venue was on fire!!!

The Whitest Boy Alive...well...I saw 4 people yawning (4 with me) while they were playing, so what do you think? lol never been a fan of Erlend Oye since I last interviewed them. But today, ROCKS my SOCKS! Thank you GOd. and

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