Monday, March 28, 2011


THE CRAZIEST MOMENT EVER!!!! we were only preparing for this gig a month ago! The tix were sold out! ANDDDDD...12.500 people were watching it ONLINE!!!! Dude!!! That's the bessssttt appreciation from the listeners ever!!! It was like writing a history! JAK FM IS CRAZZYYYY!!!! Thank You God for letting me be part of a history in the making. Best thing that happens to me for sure!!! There was no 'I' in a team!!! I love you all!!! The Boss, the colleagues, the friends, the Love from loyal listeners, I am now speechless. I'm feeling the love!

The Winning Team 101 Jak FM
NAIF - Dayum David, loving the tatts and biceps lol
The Biang Krocks! They're funnaaay! Stupid boyband! :P
This is the run through...9am in the morning i was still on my pajamas!
The final stage act! and

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