Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On my own two feet

Lesson learned. And i've learned the hardest way. Been having a hard time dealing with stuff. How people kept on letting me down (but then again, hey! I bet i've let so many people down too, so fair enough). And having a battle with trying to forgive myself, or dealing with the fact i have made huge and lots of mistakes was hard. But I finally managed to stand up again. Not that stable yet, but heading there. I've only been praying to God to give me strength not to hate me, or anyone else.

Only last week I started to feel good about myself again. That's when everything gotten put to a test. Can I forgive people who hurt me? Now I can say that I actually can. And there's no feeling greater than that. Reaching this point in life is a lesson I will never forget. I came back strong. And I don't think I could ever do that without God being on my side every single time. So God is good. All the time.

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