Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eat Pray Love

after watching the movie, all i could think of right now is to travel again as soon as possible. Need to make a long journey to heal my soul. i've made some traveling this year and even that opened my eyes to some emotionally important things in my life. some of them was wrong, some was right, wont know 'till you do it.

and this is my own 'eat-pray-love' concept that i'm gonna do.


yeah, what else do i enjoy beside music? food will be my second best. Doesnt mean that aint good. In every country i visited, i always tried to eat the local food, (well except for Burma, i kinda missed it for some reason hehe), or a funny thing happened in Bangkok, me and my friend actually found one of the best Mexican food! Hehe, point is, one of the way there is to live, is to eat. So i'm gonna embrace this thing more. My next destination for this would be, Mexico! i wanna get high eating their quesadillas, tortilla chips, nachos, chiles en nogada, and the original salsa while going to Puerto Vallarta, isla mujeres, oaxaca (the food city), Tulum and around.


I wanna go to Israel. It is my faith to my God that took me far in life. THis journey should be the first i'm gonna make. I would love to see the cities, from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Galilee, Capernaum all the way feeling the heat and the haze, in the place Jesus and His disciples had gone through.


Greece. This is the place i wanna be. i don't fall in love too much in my life, but when i say i do, i mean it for real. And Greece is just so romantic in my head. That is the place of the love god Aphrodite. i am gonna go to every great beach there. from Myrtos beach to Super Paradise, and walk through the ancient history the country has. That would be just awesome.

And i might close the journey in my fave hiding place in my country. The beautiful Gili. Indonesia baby!!!

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