Saturday, August 13, 2011

My twenty-somethin' B'day! + different gangs + new ink!

it's funny how different circle of friends randomly showed up almost at the end of my b'day time, it was fun! i love em all.

Thats me, almost at the end of the b'day time. 11.45 pm hahaha another surprise from Togi, Yani, iil, sashi, randy, lola, and risa <3

Thats me 12.00am at pelataran senayan, a lil lovely surprise from Mya,Sashi,Ajeng and Onnie <3

so i survived 27 yo, because of Him.

re-done this one.

oh i can handle pain. :p thank you all of you who sent me all the love, i feel the love!!! ps: my morning starts with geng Mya, then gym with JO and Rikas (that's a bit of a surprise since both of em were there my 2 fave boys in da world), Risa went to make tats with me, and i close the day with half of the scoopies and tris. Awesome! Oh parents as well :p and


Irene Wibowo said...

love the tattoo.. :) sakita ga sih? pgn deh tattoo.. hehe.. nice blog btw..

Ceezallthat! said...

waks baru baca hahaha...gak sakit sakit amat kok :p maaciiih.,.saya berkunjung kesana juga yaa