Monday, May 30, 2011

Netherlands Part II

It was a pretty crazy journey. Started when i almost missed my flight, i was 30 mins late but I still go, only not my luggage. LOL so i left with only one piece of clothes on me. and one bag with passport in it. HAHAHA I'm crazy like that. I picked up the luggage the next day. Hey! you just gotta go you know!

Stayed at dennis (my couz) in rotterdam, then the day after was nicky's (dennis' sister) bday. So the whole fam was there! awesome! i got to met Oma Sonja!!!! and the uncles and aunties. It was in maastricht. went around Amsterdam and red light district. basically this journey got me closer to my fam. it was all that i needed. I love them all. You can see the pics, they're my clones. my packs. :) family for life. and

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