Saturday, April 23, 2011


so when i interviewed Santana, his bodyguard Sean, is Justin Bieber's bodyguard as well. He told me how this JB-fever is so overrated in the US. I told him, that fever is happening IN MY HOUSE! (No! it's not me, it's my lil cousin). She's 12 and well, being a sister that i am, i gave her the JB concert tix and she wouldn't stop screaming. (It got me thinking 'did i do anything wrong? hahaha just joking). And oh well, if it's not me, who else is gonna go and watch the concert with her? She flipped when she heard the news bieber got here with Gomez (LOL Wtf...anyway)...i found it funny! just like seeing myself years ago going to Hanson concert! anyway, have fun at the concert tomorrow peeps! Stay safe!

(That's Sean) and

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