Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wish List to Dear Santa :)

Well Christmas is around the corner again.
Dear Santa...all i want for Christmas is...

1. Snow in Jakarta
2. Or Christmas not in Jakarta (if there's no snow) hehehe
3. To be with the whole family
4. I hope i can be helping other people starting from next year (since i realized being cool doesnt do good to anyone else but me lol)
5. To be able to share love with the loved ones :)
6. I wish there wont be any chaos happened in Indonesia during Christmas, nor any disasters
7. I just wannabe useful for all mankind (hahaha is it me speaking? i feel old now lol )
8. I wannabe in two places at the same time (i shall go to countries seperated by border line)

eitherway, i know some of the list are crazy... i still wanna wish you all a merry warm Christmas and Jesus bless!


Akira Kazuito said...

how great and sweet Christmas posting

hope ur wish comes true....huehheeh

have ur self a merry litle Christmas too :')

Ceezallthat! said...

thank youuuu! have a merry christmas to you too :)